Years in Games Experience

Founded in 2012 by Scott McCutchen, Soverance Studios began as an independent game development company dedicated to bringing great ideas to life.

Today, we're pivoting to helping small businesses solve problems in the cloud.

Here at Soverance, we strive to build innovative solutions from unique ideas. We are on the bleeding edge of the technology curve, and always adding new skills to our offerings.

We specialize in automated hybrid-cloud infrastructure design and deployment, with a focus on the gaming industry.

Steam Review
«...the dev is more than willing to let you talk his ear off if you have suggestions, and I can PERSONALLY vouch for the fact that if he likes your suggestion, he WILL add it into the game. (Meow!) »
Steam Review
«Ethereal Legends has great potential and I look forward to see how the game develops in the next few updates. I believe it will be another great hack and slash game with some very unique elements.»
Steam Review
«Considering this game was made (mostly) by one person, I say job well done. The Dev continues to improve the game, and I can't wait to see what else will be added and any future products he's involved with.»
Steam Review
«Awesome game! I have been enjoying it this 2 weeks i have it and i'm amazed! Make more games ;)»
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