Soverance – derivative of Sovereign – is a name that comes from the idea that any one person has the unrestricted authority and boundless power to affect change on the world around them.

I use this philosophy as a solo game developer to bring my ideas, thoughts, and emotions into a digital form that I can share with others. It is my effort to help shape the world around me, by creating games that I want to play. With any luck, you’ll want to play them too, and we can shape our understanding of the world together.

I work exclusively with Unreal Engine 4, creating content for Steam, PS4, Xbox One, and Oculus Rift. Click my name below to learn more about me!


Need to get in touch with me? Send an email to info@soverance.com or use the social media links in the sidebar!

Are you interested in working with me at Soverance Studios?  Check out the Careers page for more info on how to apply.


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