Endless Reach Version History

Endless Reach 2.4.1 is now Open Source

January 9, 2016
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# EndlessReach
Source code for the last Unity version of Endless Reach, dated November 2014.

// version 2.4.1 – November 2014
// Soverance Studios
// www.soverance.com


This repository contains the source code for the final version of Endless Reach, built by Soverance Studios. The last version update was version 2.4.1, released in November of 2014. This application was built in Unity 4 and programmed in C#, and as it will never again be updated, the project is now entirely open source. No assets are included, this is only the source code.

Endless Reach is a hardcore shoot ‘em up that puts you in the shoes of a lone space drone pilot, laying claim to the uncharted galaxy known as the Reach.

Send your starfighter drone out into the unknown, and use it to battle your way through the alien hordes and make the regions safe for colonization. The future of humanity depends on you!

Endless Reach was originally prototyped for mobile devices, and released for Android and Windows Phone devices. Oculus Rift support was added shortly afterward, and the VR supported version was released to Oculus Share. We also ran promotional campaigns for Endless Reach on both Steam Greenlight and the Square Enix Collective, though both were ultimately unsuccessful. The Greenlight page has since been removed, but the remaining informative links persist:

Main Website: http://soverance.com/endlessreach/

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Soverance.EndlessReach&hl=en

Windows Phone: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/apps/endless-reach/9nblggh0k1tz

Oculus Share: https://share.oculus.com/app/endless-reach

Square Enix Collective: http://collective.square-enix.com/projects/54/endless-reach

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/EndlessReach/

Endless Reach contains some basic shoot ’em up logic with the addition of a few new things, namely the Overload and Boost features. Online leaderboards are also incorporated, and they are powered a public Google Spreadsheet. There’s saving and loading, as well as a “world hub” called the Nautilus that essentially serves as a fancy level select menu.


  • 10 action-packed levels set in beautiful spacescapes
  • Amazing electronic soundtrack by Shiny Baubles
  • High powered particle effects and visual stimuli
  • Power-up chaining and limit break mode
  • 5 enemy types, 3 turret types, and a different boss in every stage!
  • Missile targeting via head tracking!


note that all platforms other than VR are no longer in development. VR ONLY!

  • Complete Version History is found on soverance.com.
  • Windows PC – VR [Oculus Rift]
  • Android
  • Windows Phone


Download from Official Website: http://soverance.com/endlessreach/


Endless Reach supports the Xbox 360 gamepad ONLY

  • Head Tracking – Lock On Target [look at target to lock]
  • Left Analog – Drone movement
  • Left Stick Down (L3) – Unused
  • Right Analog – Unused
  • Right Stick Down (R3) – Unused
  • Directional pad – Menu movement
  • A – Fire
  • X – Purge [when prompted]
  • B – Missile [when locked on target]
  • Y – Unused
  • Left Trigger – Boost [hold to continue]
  • Right Trigger – Unused
  • Left Shoulder – Toggle FPS counter
  • Right Shoulder – Unused
  • Start – Pause / Unpause
  • Back – Reset HMD Orientation


Collect BLUE orbs to advance fire mode to the next level.

* Standard [0.4 second fire rate, single shot, blue effect]
* Plus [0.2 second fire rate, single shot, green effect]
* Multi [0.1 second fire rate, triple shot loose, yellow effect]
* Cannon [0.06 second fire rate, double shot strong, red effect]
* Limit Break [20 second duration, 0.03 second fire rate, single shot strong, purple effect + shield]


* When entering a Limit Break, a timer will appear on the HUD. This timer indicates the remaining duration before the ship begins to overload.
* You can reset the timer, thereby extending the duration of a Limit Break, by simply collecting another blue power orb.
* The drone takes no damage during limit break.
* When the Limit timer reaches zero, the drone will begin to Overload.


* The drone becomes unable to move while overloading.
* Overloading is a sort of quick time event, in which the player will be prompted to press button “X” in order to safely purge the overloading energy.
* A successful purge will send a large shockwave to destroy all enemies within a large radius, and deal damage to bosses as 25% of their maximum HP.
* Failure to purge at the appropriate time will destroy the drone.


Hold the Left Trigger to increase movement speed. Initial boost shockwave will destroy all enemies in a small radius. The shockwave does no damage to bosses. Boost power is limited to a meter on the HUD. When the meter is depleted, the boost feature will no longer be available. Collect orange orbs to refill the boost meter.


Using the Oculus Rift HMD, certain objects can be targeted simply by looking directly at them. When locked on, a targeting reticle will appear around the object, and the drone will notify the pilot of it’s locked on status via a sound effect. The following objects are currently targetable:

* Turrets
* Certain portions of Bosses


Once locked on to a target, press “B” to fire a homing missile of charged energy. The drone can charge an infinite number of missiles, but they can only be fired while locked on to a target.


The Nautilus is the pilot’s vessel, used to explore the Reach, and it serves as the starfighter drone’s dock. Since sectors of the Reach are currently too dangerous to send humans to, the Alliance has chosen to deploy these starfighter drones to eradicate hostile alien life in the area, making the Reach safe for colonization.


Ethereal is the A.I. companion on board the Nautilus. He is your psychic link to your starfighter drone, Aurgus, and will be your sole source of information concerning mission objectives and status. Listen to what he has to say, as the voice of Ethereal provides valuable insight into playing the game!

[Galaxy Map]

Activate the Galaxy Map by pressing “A” when in range of the pedestal. A black hole will appear to let you know you are in range. Use the Galaxy Map to select the system you wish to explore. Choosing a system will notify your intent to Ethereal, who will open a portal in the staging area. Entering the portal will link your mind to his, and together you will launch the Aurgus to the chosen planetary system.

* You can hit “B” at any time to close the Galaxy Map


View the Leaderboards at the official website

Leaderboards are separated by each level, and high scores are level-independent. Pilots will be prompted at the status screen to enter a name if their score beats one of the level’s Universal High Scores.

* Only ten (10) Universal High Scores are allowed per level.
* Names can only be 15 characters long.


Level Name (Music Track) [Boss Name]

0 – Main Menu (Song For You, Milkman)
1 – Lumoria Nebula (Thunder Muscle) [Rex’Aern]
2 – Celestial Plains (Lightstabber) [Celestial Archon]
3 – The Spiral Downs (House-Step) [The Watcher]
4 – Coral Dreamscape (Power Moves!!! v2)
5 – The Drudgeon Edge (This One’s For You)
6 – Cirrus Straight (Aphrodisia)
7 – Visceral Downfall (Hocus Pocus)
8 – Centurion Dust Fields (It’s a Mega Dub Style)
9 – The Shinkansen Spiral (They Come)
10 – Omega Terminal (Fatima’s Funk)


1: (Ra’Aern)/ Turret_01 – Boss 01 – Aern – (Easy Boss)
2: (Ra’Aern)/ Turret_01 – Boss 02 – Celestial Archon – (Easy Boss+1)
3: (Disarray Probe)/Turret_02 -Boss 03 – The Watcher – (Easy Boss+1)
4: (Disarray Probe)/Turret_02 -Boss 04 – Harbinger of Chaos – (Intermediate Boss)
5: (Centipede Minion)/Turret_03 -Boss 05 – Wyvern – (Intermediate Boss)
6: (Centipede Minion)/Turret_03 -Boss06 – Dragon Worm – (Hard Boss)
7: (All minions + turrets) -Boss07- The Hammer – (Very Tough)
8: (All minions + turrets) -Boss08- Karasue – (Very Tough +1)
9: (All minions + turrets) -Boss09- Guardian of The Reach – (Incredibly Tough)
10:THE GAUNTLET – CONCURRENT BOSS FIGHTS ( 02,04,06,07,08,09) 10 – Omega – (Impossible to Gauge)

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Endless Reach 2.4.1 Beta Update

November 15, 2014
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Ok, lets try this again!  Today I’m releasing yet another update to Endless Reach;  this is a smaller update just to address a common error found in the last build.  So here we go, Endless Reach version 2.4.1!

Download Beta Version 2.4.1.

When I released version 2.4 last week, I had feedback across the board from the majority of players wherein a crash would occur on startup.  A few great users were kind enough to send me their error logs, and every error log I’ve looked at produced this:

OculusPlugin.dll caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005) in module OculusPlugin.dll

It’s incredibly strange to have an issue appear for so many clients, but to never see it once on my own machine.  Even more so, that made it incredibly difficult to diagnose and fix.  While I never was able to reproduce the issue on my own machine, Oculus released a more stable SDK a day later (v so I’m hoping it will address this issue.  About to find out!  A user on the Oculus forums claimed the crashes stopped when he changed the quality settings from “Fastest” to “Good“, so we’re now also defaulting to “Good” on startup, in case that has any effect.  Additionally, I’ve made the game utilize DirectX 11 by default.


So, in addition to the updates that came with the last version update, here’s what you’ll find available in version 2.4.1:

  • Updates to Oculus SDK
  • Now uses DirectX 11 by default.
    • If you experience issues, DirectX 9 can be forced by creating a shortcut to “EndlessReach_DirectToRift.exe” and adding the “-force-d3d9” parameter without quotes to the shortcut’s target path.
  • Quality Settings now default to “Good“.
    • Quality Settings can be changed when launching the game by holding CTRL while double-clicking the “EndlessReach_DirectToRift.exe”.


  • Direct HMD Access from Apps  [YES]
  • DK1 Legacy App Support  [NO]


Please let me know how things work for you, and definitely provide me with any feedback you have!  You can email be directly at info@soverance.com, or post anything you want to on the game’s Official Subreddit.  Be sure to follow me on Twitter @Soverance for all the latest info!

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Endless Reach 2.4 Beta is now available!

November 9, 2014
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Endless Reach 2.4 Beta

Download free at http://endlessreach.soverance.com/play/

  • Updates to Oculus SDK 0.4.3
  • The scores based on which players receive medals have been adjusted to the following:
  • Bronze: 300,000 or better
  • Silver: 600,000 or better
  • Gold: 1,000,000 or better
  • Audio programming and resources are more efficiently optimized
  • Certain sound effects have been modified, and their replication counts have been capped.
  • An “Exit” button has been added to the main menu, allowing users to more easily quit the application.
  • The first version of the Nautilus has been implemented. The Nautilus is an interstellar drone carrier, piloted by an advanced A.I. known as “The Voice of Ethereal”. It can be considered a “hub” level, as the place you’ll dock the starfighter between missions and select new systems to explore. In future updates, you’ll also be able to install upgrades to your starfighter from the engine bay of the Nautilus.
  • The Voice of Ethereal has been added. Ethereal is the A.I. companion on board the Nautilus. He is your psychic link to your starfighter drone, Aurgus, and will be your sole source of information concerning mission objectives and status. Listen to what he has to say, as the voice of Ethereal provides valuable insight into playing the game!
  • The Galaxy Map has been added. The Galaxy Map is effectively a replacement for the “Level Select” menu, which has been removed. Activate the Galaxy Map by pressing “A” when in range of the pedestal. A black hole will appear to let you know you are in range. Use the Galaxy Map to select the system you wish to explore. Choosing a system will notify your intent to Ethereal, who will open a portal in the staging area. Entering the portal will link your mind to his, and together you will launch the Aurgus to the chosen planetary system.
  • You can hit “B” at any time to close the Galaxy Map
  • Level 4 – Coral Dreamscape has been added.
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Endless Reach 2.3 Beta Available Now!

September 28, 2014
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I am really excited to release version 2.3, as we’re turning the difficulty up to eleven with The Watcher! You’ll find him in Level 3, the Spiral Downs. This one is a smaller update, though it should help balance the gameplay a bit, and add a fair challenge for the devoted shmup fans!

Download the 2.3 Beta, free on the Official Website

You’ll find the change log below!

Watch a full video playthrough of Level 3 – The Spiral Downs

More in-depth information on the game’s intricacies can be found on the wiki page.

[Implemented for 2.3 Beta]

  • Updates to Oculus SDK 0.4.2
  • Level 3 – The Spiral Downs has been added.
  • A new enemy type has been added.
  • A new turret type has been added.
  • Limit Break Chaining has been added. A countdown timer will now appear on the HUD to notify the remaining duration of a Limit Break. Collect another blue orb before the overload begins to reset the countdown timer and extend the Limit Break duration.
  • HMD Orientation can now be reset manually at any time by pressing the “Back” button on the gamepad.
  • The screenshot function has been removed.
  • Turret lasers now have a mid-beam energy pulse that dictates the hazardous point along it’s path.
  • Fixed a bug where the targeting reticles on Boss01 – Aern and Boss02 – Celestial Archon would appear in the incorrect positions.
  • Fixed a bug wherein the Limit Break shield would remain visible during the status screen.


  • Status screen does not recenter properly when returning from viewing a Leaderboard
  • Instantiating audio will sometimes cause a frame rate lag

I hope you enjoy the 2.3 version update of Endless Reach! As always, I’d love to hear from you, so be sure to provide me with any feedback you may have here in the comments or on the game’s official subreddit.

If you enjoyed the beta demo, be sure to vote on our Steam Greenlight page, or give a rating on Oculus Share. You can also follow me on Twitter @Soverance.

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Endless Reach 2.2 Beta is now live!

September 3, 2014
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DOWNLOAD 2.2 BETA from the Official Website





These features and fixes have been implemented for 2.2:

  • Updates to Oculus SDK 0.4.1
  • Level 2 – The Celestial Plains is now able to be unlocked.
  • Universal online leaderboards have been introduced. View the leaderboards outside the game on the official websiteLeaderboards are separated by individual level. You will be prompted to enter your name if your score surpasses one of the universal high scores. Entering names must currently be done with a keyboard.
  • When starting the game, a Soverance splash screen now prefaces the title screen, during which the HMD orientation is automatically reset
  • Screenshots can now be captured during gameplay by pressing the Left Stick (L3). This is an experimental feature, and is resource intensive. Using it will cause a momentary pause in frame rate. Additionally, only one screenshot may be saved, and all successive screenshots will overwrite the previous one. Future updates will allow for multiple saved screenshots.
  • Cameras now fade during level loads
  • The game can now be paused by pressing the “Start” button at any time during gameplay. You can restart the level, or exit back to the main menu from the pause menu. Hit “Start” again to unpause the game and resume play.
  • A new model for the player’s starting drone has replaced the placeholder model using in version 2.1. This new drone is currently known as the Mark I.
  • All firing rates have been slightly increased, and bullet collision has been improved.
  • Fixed a bug where the player could still overload after defeating the boss, causing both a complete and failure status screen to appear, as well as a constant and unstoppable controller vibration.


  • All sound effects are still super rough.
  • Status screen does not recenter properly when returning from viewing a Leaderboard
  • Targeting reticles on Boss 01 – Aern appear in the incorrect positions. They are centered instead of around Left/Right engines
  • While Boss 02 – Celestial Archon’s head can be targeted with homing missiles, no reticle appears. It’s actually there, it’s just too small for his giant head
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2.1 Version Update to Endless Reach now available!

August 3, 2014
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We’re extremely excited to bring you the 2.1 version update for Endless Reach! The demo is now available as a free download on the game’s official website.

Sorry, this version is no longer available.

The 2.1 Beta includes a number of feature additions, improvements, and bug fixes! Some of them are listed below:


Lock-On Targeting via head tracking

Missiles can now be fired at locked on targets by pressing “B“. The only targets currently available for tracking are turrets and the boss.

Boost mode

Hold “Left Trigger” to initiate. Initial boost shockwave will destroy all enemies in a small range. Movement speed is increased. Boost power is limited to a meter, and a new pickup has been introduced to help replenish the available boost power.


  • DK2 support!
  • Force feedback added to 360 gamepad
  • Firing control has been moved to the “A” button
  • Purging control has been moved to the “X” button
  • A UI object has been introduced to prompt the user when to purge
  • HUD has been modified and relocated
  • FPS counter can now be toggled on and off with the “Left Shoulder” button
  • Movement dead zones have been tightened for a “snappier” feel
  • Full 3D physics have been implemented
  • Turrets have been relocated, and now rotate erratically in order to be unpredictable.
  • Turret and Boss laser colors have been changed to be more visible
  • A number of visual effects were modified
  • Trail effects have been added to the player’s engines
  • Probably some more stuff that I’m forgetting

We recommend running the DirectToRift.exe in extended mode to play Endless Reach. If you get a lot of stutter running the demo and have a DX11 capable card, the -force-d3d11 fix may work well for you.

If you like what we’ve built here, we’d love if you could vote us up on Steam Greenlight!

We hope you enjoy playing Endless Reach, and we’d love to hear your feedback! You can discuss the game here on it’s official subreddit, r/EndlessReach, or follow us on Twitter @Soverance.

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Endless Reach 2.0 is out and on Steam Greenlight!

July 7, 2014
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It’s been a few months in the making, but Endless Reach 2.0 is finally out on Android and Windows Phone! Head over to soverance.com/endless-reach/ to check it out!

Most exciting for us, we’ve also put the game up on Steam Greenlight as we begin work on the PC version. We could definitely use your votes, so be sure to show us some love on Greenlight! If you’d like to play the game before voting, the PC version is PAY WHAT YOU WANT on our website while we’re on Greenlight, so head over to soverance.com/endless-reach/ and download it now!

EDIT: Sorry, the Greenlight campaign was ended!

Getting this version out the door has been one of the most rewarding tasks we’ve ever put ourselves to. I’m really excited that we’ve received a lot of great feedback so far, and I can’t wait to see how else we can blow this game up.

While we originally built this game for mobile devices under the intention of submitting to the Microsoft Unity Game Developer Contest, our true passion has always been PC gaming, and we’re super excited to begin work on that version now that we’ve released and submitted to the contest. We’re looking to make it harder, better, faster, and simply put, a stronger game (yes I did just make a Daft Punk reference). We’d love to reinvent the game for virtual reality, and bring old school shmups to an entirely new realm. And we believe we can do just that!

And while this post is not really a postmortem (maybe I’ll write one of those in a few months), I did want to post this screenshot of our first day on Greenlight. We have no frame of reference for how these numbers compare to a larger, more polished title, but we were really excited to see so many people checking us out and voting for us! For a game that spent $0 on advertising or promotion before submitting to Greenlight, we felt this was pretty good. 9% in a single day!


We learned a few things about Greenlight today:

“No” votes don’t matter
While it’s a staggering statistic on the page, and may be a bit depressing to look at, in the end the “No” votes mean nothing at all. You must remember, that the question being answered is simply whether or not a person would BUY your game, not whether your game is good or worthy of being on Steam. Even the best games don’t get purchased by every gamer out there, so don’t stress over the “No” votes. Also, they do not count towards your ranking into the top 100, so again… don’t stress out over them.

Promote your Greenlight page inside the Steam Community!
This was a big one, I think. We’re lucky that Matt, our Art Director, spends a pretty fair amount of time in the Steam Community doing trades and talking to people. This meant that once we were ready for Greenlight, it became somewhat easy to get the word out through Community groups and his trading partners. The reason we went this route is that few people seem to vote if they’re outside of the Steam client, simply because Steam requests browser authentication when using a new location. If you’re like me, and you read a lot of your news on your phone or during work (when you’re away from your gaming rig), you won’t bother to authenticate the other browser so you can vote on some random Greenlight game. It’s a huge hassle to jump through to simply vote, so unless you’re already on your gaming machine and logged into the Steam client, this hurdle generally stops a lot of voters in their tracks. If you promote from inside the Steam Community, your chances are getting votes of any sort are much higher.

Greenlight is a queue
I’m told that every time Valve Greenlights a batch of games, all the games move up that many slots. So if Valve Greenlights 100 titles, every other game moves up 100 spaces. It makes solid sense, so it’ll be interesting to see how Endless Reach fares when that happens. Valve seems to be in the habit lately of Greenlighting about 75 titles at a time, generally twice a month, which is a pretty good turnover rate for developers.

You really don’t need very many votes to get Greenlit
The screen above of our first day shows an average Top 50 game has around 11,000 “Yes” votes. While that sounds like a lot, it’s really like NOTHING when you consider the size of Steam’s user base. Looking at our numbers, we managed to get 5% of that on Day 1. I’m sure a lot of that has to do with us being on the “Recent Submissions” tab, and will undoubtedly trickle down to zero once we’re removed from that page… but it is not an insurmountable number of votes.

Either way, we’re really excited to be moving our development of Endless Reach in this direction. We can’t wait to show you what we have in store! So check us out on Greenlight and give us a vote!

EDIT: Just hit 10% of the way to Top 100 as I’m posting this… incredible! Thanks, everyone, for all the support!

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Endless Reach 1.5

February 24, 2014
/ / /



Endless Reach has been released for Android!

You can download it now, for free, at the Google Play store!

Endless Reach is a 2.5D shooter that puts the player in control of a powerful starfighter, charged to defend the Reach against the invading Etherium fleet. In this demo version, your goal is to destroy enough of the enemy fighters in order to lure out and destroy the enemy cruiser.




I’m currently working on porting this to both iOS and Windows Phone, so look out for those in the near the future. I also plan to release a premium version of this game in Summer 2014. That version will include randomly generated levels (with randomized spacescapes, like planets and nebulae), along with numerous powerups and ship upgrades, as well as new bosses to defeat. Again, a huge thanks goes out to my buddy Shiny Baubles for putting together the music for this one, and I look forward to hearing more of his tunes in future updates!


Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments below!

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Endless Reach

December 9, 2013
/ / /

I am very excited to announce Endless Reach, a 2.5D space shooter built with Unity 4.

EDIT: Sorry, this demo is no longer available!


Endless Reach puts the player in control of a powerful starfighter, charged to defend the Reach against the invading Etherium fleet. In this demo version, your goal is to destroy enough of the enemy fighters in order to lure out and destroy the enemy cruiser.

This is a project built for one of my programming courses at the Art Institute. It’s technically a project I’ve built before, having originally prototyped this game in Flash (which I released on Kongregate). I had also developed an updated version for Android phones which I never released, though you can still download the apk. So with a new engine comes a new name and a whole new game, as thus the Endless Reach is discovered.

I must give a huge thanks to my buddy Matt Peavy for lending me original music for Endless Reach.


It was built in Unity 4, using Visual Studio 2012. I employ Pixelplacement’s iTween, as well as a BulletManager plugin from an unspecified user on the Unity forum. Most art assets were picked up from the Asset Store, though I did much in the way of texture editing and material building. I also used software called Spacescape to create the skybox textures, which is a relatively powerful tool for the task.

It’s still got a number of bugs that need to be worked out, but the main loop is there. I’d really like to do more with the UI, and I’d also like to revisit the pathing and camera AI and do something more interesting there. I do think with the physics mechanics I’ve built that I’ll be able to port this to Oculus Rift, where you pilot the ship from a different angle. So that’s something I may try, if I can get another free trial of Unity Pro…


I hope you enjoy Endless Reach, and please let me know what you think in the comments below!

EDIT: Sorry, this demo is no longer available!
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May 19, 2013
/ / /

As the final project of my Programming Concepts course at the Art Institute of Atlanta, we were charged with creating a simple game using ActionScript. So I spent the last couple days putting together a simple space shooter in Flash, which you can now play on Kongregate.

This project is open source, of which the ActionScript and source assets can be downloaded here.


EDIT: Sept 04, 2014

This demo is technically what would become Endless Reach!  lulz….

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