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2017 Year in Review

December 29, 2017
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Happy New Year from Soverance Studios!

As the year comes to a close, I figured it was as good as time as any to take a moment and step back to look at everything we accomplished in the past twelve months.  It’s been a long time since our last public update, but I didn’t want to let such a great year end without at least looking back on how we got here, and where we’re headed in the future.

2017 was my best year in a long time!

Soverance Studios was always just a dream – for years it’s been little more than a name, barely existing on paper.  After I founded Soverance in 2012, I built a number of prototypes and even added two “employees” to the studio’s roster, but I was struggling to keep the lights on.  In 2016 the “employees” left and the company lost it’s office space, major setbacks that I thought might spell doom for Soverance.

I refused to let my dream die, so I kept at it alone.  Everything changed in February 2017 when I released my first major video game, Ethereal Legends, under the Soverance name.  Having a real commercial product generating income via sales really made it feel like Soverance Studios was an actual business and more than just a name on paper.  To me, that was a huge deal.  Unfortunately, Ethereal didn’t do so well, and I was forced to get a real job around May 2017.

Luckily I found a great job as a systems administrator at my sister’s company, BKV, a position which I love.  They had recently gone through a merger/acquisition process, and needed someone to perform their network migration and consolidation.  My experience building Soverance Studios makes me ideal for projects like these, so I was glad to find a place where my skills could have an impact.  The pay is pretty good too, and this year I was finally able to pick up a hobby I’ve always wanted to be a part of – motorcycles!  Got myself these two sportbikes this year, and considering the amount of fun I’ve had with them, it’s easily the best money I’ve spent in a long time… maybe ever.


Scott and his Honda sportbikes – a 2009 CBR600RA, and a 2012 CBR250R.

Ethereal did not perform as well as I’d hoped!

Ethereal Legends was a true labor of love – a game type that I loved to play and always wanted to make.  Unfortunately, passion isn’t always enough.  Ethereal Legends shipped with numerous bugs and design flaws which, in addition to poor visibility, affected it’s sales.  I had a lot of great interactions with the players, and I learned a lot about software development and the games business.  Overall, making the game was a great experience with little in the way of monetary reward.  I plan to have a more in-depth postmortem around the game’s anniversary, but until then, lets look at a few of the game’s milestones:

  • To date, Ethereal Legends has sold more than 1250 copies.
  • Released on three stores – Steam, Humble Bundle, and Green Man Gaming.
  • Taco Bell “Feed the Beta” winner.
  • Featured on numerous YouTube and Twitch channels

Not a huge list of major milestones, but I’m still pretty happy with it.  The video game business is extremely difficult to navigate, and building a good game is far more difficult than I could have imagined when I first started out in 2012.  But five years later, passion and persistence are why I’m able to write this list at all.  Either way, 1250 sales isn’t all bad, and I’d like to thank each and every one of you who purchased or played the game!  It really means a lot to me that you’d spend your time and money on something I created.

This is apparently a pretty average result for a first-time developer.  Many game developers don’t make it as far as I have with Ethereal Legends, so I suppose I’ve accomplished something here.

Sky Dragon – one of the “Signet Notorious Monsters” found in Ethereal Legends.

New things on the horizon!

2018 promises to be an interesting year for Soverance Studios.  In my spare time this year while working my new job, I’ve built a couple of new UE4 prototypes that could turn into something greater.  I’ve also been keeping an eye on the discussion around Ethereal Legends, and while I haven’t put out a public update since April 2017, I’ve been keeping the Ethereal code up to date and making small fixes where I can when I hear about an issue from a player or experience bugs myself.  I’ve also got a few new armor costumes ready to bring into the game, along with some new weapons, spells, and items.  I’m saving all of that for an “Anniversary” update, I think.

I’ve already prepared Soverance Studio’s infrastructure for the coming year, reducing the number of physical servers we’re dependent on and moving some of our services into Azure.  I’ve also improved our backup procedures, and greatly improved the performance and efficiency of the company’s computer environment by adding new features and improving security.  It’s a little weird running an enterprise-grade network at home, for one person’s “business use”… but it also functions as a pretty great home-lab to try stuff out in before I deploy it at my day job.

Either way, I hope to start talking more about my next big project starting early next year, so be sure to keep an eye out for that!  It’s definitely a new game, and has nothing at all to do with Ethereal Legends.  If you have any ideas you want to see made, now is the time to let me know via @Soverance!

See you all in 2018!  Happy New Year!

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Ethereal Version Update 1.1

February 26, 2017
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I must admit that Ethereal‘s release has not gone as well as I had hoped.  I obviously made some significant mistakes, and I am now listening intently to all of the feedback and I’m working hard to improve the game as quickly as I can in order to meet the expectations of more players.

I’m not ready to do a full postmortem or make any further comments on the game’s release.  At this time I’d rather let my actions and updates speak for me.  With that in mind, I’m just going to jump into the changes I made over the weekend that should help improve the experience for new players.  My hope is that the changes made here will more successfully funnel new players into the tutorial, and make it easier to get into the rest of the game.  Additionally, having some magic equipped by default should help new players learn the game’s rules more intuitively by simply pressing buttons, as well as progress through the game’s intro more easily.

Ethereal Version Update 1.1

  • Updated to Unreal Engine 4.15
    • Improved stability, increased performance
  • A great number of changes were made to the Arcadia map.
    • The map was reduced in size and scale, and changes were made to it’s layout and design.
    • The map’s average performance has increased, thanks to the new design.
  • The tutorial quest was slightly changed to direct players into a new area beneath the Portal.
  • Added the “Return” spell.
    • “Return” will teleport you to the starting location of the current Realm.
    • New players start the game with “Return” equipped.
  • New players will now start the game with “Cure” and “Dash” spells equipped.
  • Added the “Rune Blade” one-handed weapon.
  • Undead Warriors now deal slightly reduced damage, and have a slightly longer attack delay.
  • The Skeleton King’s potential loot pool was changed.

If you have any further feedback, be sure to hit me up and let me know!

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Ethereal Legends now available on Steam!

February 20, 2017
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Ethereal Legends is now available on Steam!

The big day is here!  I am proud to announce that Ethereal Legends is now available on Steam!

As a one-man studio who is creator, developer, and publisher of Ethereal Legends, I am so unbelievably proud to be able to bring you an experience almost entirely of my own making.  I truly hope you enjoy playing it!  It’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally here.  I am so excited to get everyone playing the game and to start hearing what everyone thinks!  Ethereal is a game built with passion, and I hope every ounce of that seeps into the experience as you play through and bring Zhan to justice.

Please note that the game is designed for and plays best with a gamepad/controller, and while you can use a keyboard/mouse, I don’t recommend it.

Additionally, please be sure you meet the game’s recommended system requirements before playing, as published on the Steam Store Page.  Built with Unreal Engine 4, the game is graphically intensive and requires a modern gaming PC to run at a smooth 60 fps.

A handful of minor, known issues do exist thanks to my excellent beta testers.  I have documented possible fixes on this post, so if you experience any problems playing Ethereal Legends, your first stop should be there.  Of course, I would love to hear any and all feedback you may have, so hit me up on any of the community channels or send your thoughts in an email to

For the most arduous adventurers, I have published a full list of the nearly 100 available items on this page.  There, you’ll find a full loot table, complete with item descriptions, effects, and locations.  Everything you need to get the most out of the game!


A fan asked me last night to add some special content (a kitty!) so I wanted to get that included before release day.  Along with that addition, I’ve made a couple extra “quality of life” updates that should make for a much improved experience.  It’s a small one because I was short on time, but this brings us up to an official 1.0 release, and you guys can all go grab it now!

Ethereal Release Version Update 1.0

  • Improved dynamic lighting performance in all Realms.
    • Achieved by decreasing the primary sunlight’s total number of shadow cascades, as well as decreasing it’s overall effective shadowing distance.
  • Improved the Arcadian landscape material to be more realistic.
    • Removed specular textures and added tessellation.
  • Drop rates for all enemies were adjusted:
    • Common – 60%
    • Uncommon – 30%
    • Rare – 10%
  • The additional effect for Assassin’s Boots was replaced with “Cure Potency +10%
  • Sneak Ring was added.
  • Feral Band was added.
  • The following armor sets can now be purchased from the armor vendor:
    • Crusaders
    • Assassins
  • A friendly cat can now be found inside the Arcadian bar.
  • Fixed a handful of collision issues in Arcadia and Shiitake Temple.
  • Added footstep effects to the landscape comprising the Arcadian outskirts.
  • Fixed a bug where the final return portal dropped by the Eternal would never disappear.
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Ethereal Legends Release Date Feb. 21!

February 13, 2017
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I am extremely excited to finally announce the official release date of Ethereal Legends on Steam as February 21st, 2017!



Ethereal Legends is a modern indie action RPG, built (mostly) by one person in Unreal Engine 4 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

A powerful foe has descended upon the world of Arcadia. The Ethereal Knights, protectors of the realm, have nearly all been destroyed.

Only you remain.

Enter the portal and defend the Ethereal Realms from the evil which plagues them. Battle deadly monsters and huge bosses, wield numerous weapons, cast powerful spells, solve challenging puzzles, and use all the tools at your disposal to put an end to the madness.

Active Combat

Your combat style is determined by the spells, weapons, and armor you choose to equip. With 3 distinct weapon types and a great number of spells, items, and armor pieces to choose from, you are provided with countless options to defeat your enemies.

Environment Puzzles

A plethora of brain teasers awaits deep within the darkest corners of Arcadia. Explore and interact with the world around you to unlock new paths and discover secrets hidden in the Ethereal Realms.

Epic High Fantasy

A pure story of good versus evil. Explore gorgeous elemental locales reaching into the sky and beyond. Battle massive enemies, experience the powerful soundtrack, and enjoy a beautifully rendered fantasy world powered by Unreal Engine 4.

Open Source

Want to build your own game, based on Ethereal Legends? You can! The C++ code used to create this game can be found on Github, under the open source Apache 2.0 license. Maybe you simply want to help make Ethereal better. This is the place to start! I welcome all contributions, and successful pull requests will have their author credited in-game.

Details and Pricing

Ethereal Legends will launch at $9.99, with a 10% discount during the first week (so it’ll be $8.99 if you buy during launch).

Please note that the game is designed for and plays best with a gamepad/controller, and while you can use a keyboard/mouse, I don’t recommend it.

Additionally, please be sure you meet the game’s minimum system requirements before purchasing, as published on the Steam Store Page.  Built with Unreal Engine 4, the game is graphically intensive and requires a decent gaming PC to run at a smooth 60 fps.

A handful of minor, known issues do exist thanks to my excellent beta testers.  I have documented possible fixes on this post, so if you experience any problems playing Ethereal Legends, your first stop should be there.  Of course, I would love to hear any and all feedback you may have, so hit me up on any of the community channels or send your thoughts in an email to

For the most arduous adventurers, I have published a full list of the nearly 100 available items on this page.  There, you’ll find a full loot table, complete with item descriptions, effects, and locations.  Everything you need to get the most out of the game!


Members of the press interested in covering Ethereal Legends should direct themselves to the game’s official Presskit:

If you are a YouTuber, Twitch streamer, or other influencer with a significant subscriber count and you would like to feature Ethereal Legends on your channel, you can request a free Steam key via Keymailer at this link.  I cannot guarantee I will honor your request, but I’ll do my best!

As a one-man studio who is creator, developer, and publisher of Ethereal Legends, I am so unbelievably proud to be able to bring you an experience almost entirely of my own making.  This is a huge moment for me – Ethereal Legends is the culmination of a nearly five-year effort to bring myself into the gaming industry, and I feel like it’s release finally proves me capable of being a game developer.

Ethereal Legends was inspired by my adventures in Final Fantasy XI with members of the Ethereal Linkshell.  They were some of my favorite experiences in my gaming history, and many of the people from Ethereal LS have become life-long friends.  Making a game inspired by that experience seemed like a fitting way to honor those memories.  As a huge fan of the fantasy action genre, I’ve taken much inspiration from the Final Fantasy and Dark Souls series to create an original expression of epic high fantasy.  While influence of other popular games and my own limitations as a game developer have certainly helped guide the path, Ethereal Legends is truly a shining example of someone building a game they’ve always wanted to play.

Ethereal Legends has been extremely difficult to build.  Like many new developers, when I first began this project in 2013 I had an idea that was massive in scope, and I was certainly not skilled enough to build it myself.  I made many sacrifices to buy the time and materials necessary to make this game.  I encountered countless obstacles during development, and significant public skepticism about my ability to finish it.  I failed to build a good team, and I failed to keep my office space.  I was forced to build the overwhelming majority of this game alone, in a tiny apartment, while working a part-time job as a systems administrator for $25k/year.  However, because I am a stubborn person, I persisted… and now we’re here.  I encountered a lot of success along the way, too.  My efforts have been showcased in videos and blogs, I’ve been invited to speak at conferences, and the game has even been publicly recognized by Taco Bell!  Unreal Engine has allowed me to stand on the shoulders of giants; they have allowed me to bring my vision to you unencumbered, free from the control of profit-seekers and gatekeepers.  They’ve given me the ability to create whatever I can imagine and publish those ideas to the world – it’s an extremely empowering ability that they’ve given to me, and to you as well.

The years spent building this game has been one of the most enlightening experiences of my life.  I have learned so much about myself, so much about others, and so much about the world that is simply invaluable – an intangible profit from the game that won’t be declared on my taxes.  No matter how well the game does financially post-release, I at least earned that knowledge.

While Ethereal releases next week on Steam, this is really only the beginning of the Ethereal franchise and my vision for Soverance Studios.  I have lots of ideas for additional content that I plan to add over the next 12 to 18 months, and of course I’ve still got the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game planned for later this year.  I am confident this is the start of something big, and I’m excited to have you all along for the ride!

I greatly appreciate the support of everyone who has followed Ethereal Legends over the years, championed the game, and given me good feedback to help make the game better.  I couldn’t have gotten this far without the assistance of everyone else who has played a part, and for that, I thank you!

See you all on the other side, after February 21st!



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Perforce Tutorial: Corrupted UTF-16 file content

January 5, 2017
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I’ve run into this issue from time to time while using Unreal Engine, but I finally found the solution and decided it was worth sharing.

So if you’re a Perforce user in a Windows environment, like me, you may have noticed that occasionally you’ll sync a file and it will return corrupted, usually being filled with Chinese characters (see the image below).  I’ve only ever encountered this issue with Unreal’s .ini files, but I assume at this point it could happen to anything encoded with UTF-16 (which is UE4’s default encoding method).

In this screenshot, you can see how every other line of my DefaultEngine.ini file has been corrupted with Chinese characters after syncing from my Perforce depot.

Turns out that Perforce is already aware of this issue, and even has a KB article on their website for it.  (Perforce KB3488)  The KB article claims P4 stores text files in it’s database as “text” type, and does not correctly set Windows line endings when converting with UTF-16. You can avoid this issue entirely with a proper typemap setting, which Epic has totally already put in the documentation, so you may never experience this issue if you actually followed the documentation while setting up your P4 server (unlike me, obviously………).  You can read the original on, but I’ll reproduce that article with the image below:

Specifically, the article is referring to the LineEnding setting found in the Advanced tab of your Perforce workspace’s configuration  (see image below).  Once you’ve changed this setting to UNIX, you can re-sync the files, convert their encoding back to whatever you needed it to be (I’m using UTF-8 now for everything, since it’s a PS4 requirement), and finally submit the new version of the file to your P4 depot.

Hopefully this helps some people in the future!  I’ve been re-making this file by hand every time I encountered this error, which has been a total nightmare.

If you enjoyed this post, follow me on Twitter, and be sure to check out Ethereal Legends, coming soon to Steam, PS4, and Xbox One!

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Ethereal Beta Test Phase 1 Complete!

November 4, 2016
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I’d like to thank everyone who participated in the first phase of the Ethereal Legends Beta Test! I received quite a bit of excellent feedback over the last couple weeks, and your comments and suggestions have already gone a long way to improving Ethereal and preparing the game for release. I know I’ve still got a lot of work to do, but I am excited to learn that I’m on the right track and building something that people are enjoying.

Knowing that I still have a lot of work to do, I must announce today that I am pushing back the release date of Ethereal Legends into Q1 of 2017. The Steam store page has been updated to reflect this change. The original plan was to release at the end of the year, on December 30th.  I’ll admit that I have been rushing to meet this date because I am more or less out of funding, which is making it difficult to maintain my current development schedule. However, based on the feedback I’ve received from the Beta Test, and my unwillingness to compete with major AAA titles during the holiday season, I have decided that delaying the game’s release is the best option. You all will receive a better game, and I will gain the time necessary to deliver the highest quality interpretation of my vision possible.

I have also made significant progress on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One builds of Ethereal, and I am happy to report that these versions of the game are both packaged, stable, and playable on consoles. While my original plan was to release the Steam, PS4, and Xbox One versions simultaneously in an attempt to have the largest Day 1 impact, I have revised that decision, and I now plan to release the console versions shortly after the Steam version. This delay is mostly due to the certification requirements on consoles, and the changes I’ll need to make to effectively support them both. As this is my first time releasing a game on either platform, I feel like I could use the extra time to make sure I get everything right. Making a multi-platform game is way more difficult than it sounds!

And so Beta Test Phase 1 comes to an end. Phase 2 will start soon, and I’ll make another post to announce that when the time comes. If you’d like to request a Steam key for Phase 2 testing, you can do so using the Beta Access Request Form.

Feel free to reach out to me on social media, Reddit, or Steam with any questions or comments!


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Let’s talk about Ethereal

October 1, 2016
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I’ve been working on Ethereal Legends for a long time now. The game first came into my imagination while I was a student at the Art Institute of Atlanta, in the form of something I called the Babylon Spire. It was a simple level design project, the content of which became one of the earliest posts here on back in February 2013. A few short months later, I built FFXI: Soldier around those ideas, and this is what I consider to be the very first prototype for Ethereal LegendsFFXI: Soldier was a proof-of-concept demo built with Unreal 3 using assets I had ripped from Final Fantasy XI. While it was a great exercise in copyright infringement, it also helped to formulate many of the ideas that still exist in Ethereal today. If you watch the walkthrough video I did for Soldier, you’ll see that the core gameplay idea is still there. The camera and character movement is very similar to what it is today, and the same hub world / portal system exists to transfer between realms. It’s fascinating, to me, how much of the original concept has survived over this length of time.

Today, however, Ethereal Legends is a much more complicated and polished affair. In the three years or so that I’ve been working on Ethereal, the game has grown massively, and changed direction many times. When I moved the project to Unreal 4 in late 2014, I first prototyped Ethereal as a side-scroller. Some time after that, I brought on Jacob Corle, and we rebuilt Ethereal as a FF-style turn-based RPG. We used this build to run our Steam Greenlight and Square Enix Collective campaigns in the summer of 2015. We even built a version that worked on Oculus Rift, which we showed off to hundreds of people at SIEGECON 2015. It was even available on Oculus Share for a while. Based on player feedback, we then rebuilt Ethereal as a multiplayer action RPG at the beginning of 2016. While we did have a working multiplayer build, I opted to cancel the feature after realizing just how much was involved to fully support a multiplayer game of this scope. What Ethereal is today is that same action RPG, without the multiplayer. When we lost access to our office space, Jacob stopped working, and during the process of moving our data into a new location I encountered a catastrophic corruption error with many of our Blueprints. After this I was feeling pretty defeated, but it led me to rebuild Ethereal from scratch yet again, and this time I did so using C++, which is now open-sourced on Github. I might be working out of a tiny apartment again, but at least today Ethereal is more robust and stable than ever.

So we’ve come a long way. As we get closer to release, I want to share with you the current and projected timelines I have planned for Ethereal, as well as what features made it into the game, what got cut, and why. Let’s dig in!


Release Date

This is the most pressing information to get out there, so lets do it first. The Steam store page claims Q4 2016, and I’m really trying to make that date happen. As of now, it’s looking to be that I’ll release the game on Steam in late December. Due to losing our office space and the C++ rewrite, I lost a lot of time and momentum, so I’ve unfortunately I’ve had to push back the console releases. I have recently (just a few days ago) packaged and run the game on Xbox One, so I know it works on that platform. Despite having the hardware I need, I cannot test the game on PS4 right now because we lost our office space, and I no longer have access to the IP address Sony has on file for Soverance Studios. That’s an issue I haven’t dealt with yet, but it’s on the list. Either way, I expect to make console releases the #1 priority after the Steam release. I’ve reviewed the requirements for both platforms and I do not expect any major certification issues on any platform.


I’m planning to release the game on all platforms at a $9.99 price point. I feel this price will have the appropriate effect tempering the public’s expectation of what this game is, and accurately reflects what consumers like me would be willing to pay for a game of this type and quality. While I feel like I am shipping a product that I personally would pay more for, I am fully aware of the game’s flaws, so I’m aiming to strike a good balance here and still be able to earn a living for myself.

I have no plans to ever include in-game microtransactions, but I have many ideas for expansions and DLC, so it’s highly likely that I may go down that road next year.


Alright, lets start this one off by talking about what made it into the game:

This is pretty much what the game will ship with later this year. Most of this you can learn about in the Ethereal Game Guide, which is still a work-in-progress. I feel like it’s a pretty fair amount of content, but it’s a lot less than what I really wanted to add.


Cancelled Features

We generated a lot of ideas that simply didn’t make it into the game for one reason or another, almost always due to technical restraints or time limits. What remains I feel is the minimum we could keep and still maintain the original vision. Many of these cancelled features I hope to bring out later as DLC or free updates. Some of these ideas include:

  • Multiplayer mode
    • We had a build where you could play with up to six other players, cast spells on each other, see their stats in the HUD like an MMO, and even attack and kill each other. In the final game you can equip six spells, but the original idea was to give each player the ability to equip only three spells, forcing the party to create “job roles” for each player in order to succeed (just like the Final Fantasy MMOs). I cancelled the feature due to it’s complexity and infrastructure requirements, but I’d like to bring it back in the future.
  • Modular Armor
    • I feel like this is the biggest missed opportunity in the game, simply because even though armor exists in the final game and equipping new armor has a noticeable effect on your stats, it does not currently change the player’s appearance in game. This is due to a few reasons, but it boils down mostly to my inability to make my own custom 3D armor pieces. While I have a good eye for visual direction, I am not an artist, and I have little experience with 3D modeling, rigging, or animation. This leaves me with sourcing my art assets from third parties, and simply put, there are no resources available for me to get the amount of armor pieces I require in sufficient quality that are rigged to a skeleton I can actually use. It just doesn’t exist, so the only solution is to custom make this stuff, which I don’t have the ability to do with everything else on my plate. So modular armor got cut, and I am disappointed about it.
  • Familiar Pets
    • There’s a fundamental problem when using Ranged weapons where many of the enemies are always running into your melee range. This causes the player to often be “on the run,” so to speak. It’s still totally possible to play this way and in many ways fun, but we had designed a system to combat this problem where you could obtain new spells to cast Pet familiars. These pets would then follow the player around and act as a sort of tank, becoming the primary target for all melee-attacking creatures. The player would then be free to run around and use ranged weapons as their leisure, at least until their familiar died, when they would once again become the enemy’s primary target. I thought it was a pretty cool idea, and reminded me a lot of the Beastmaster job from Final Fantasy XI. Unfortunately I scrapped this idea due to time. I think I’ve already got all the models for this feature, though, so maybe in the future.
  • Arena mode
    • Early in the multiplayer design phase, I built an “Arena” map to test things with. Originally it was designed as a place where two players could duel, spawning on opposite sides of a large pit. When multiplayer mode was scrapped, the Arena was turned into a test map for individual enemies. It’s still in the final game (just hidden and inaccessible), but I’d like to turn it into an actual gameplay mode, where players could enter the Arena and battle against more difficult versions of certain enemies, for greater rewards. This might end up being part of an update or future DLC.
  • Casting weapons
    • There was originally a fourth weapon type, known as Casting Orbs. They were basically a pair of magical orbs, one for each hand, and they pretty much acted just like ranged weapons with magical projectiles instead of arrows. The idea was to make you feel like a wizard, and the orb’s binding stats reflected that. For whatever reason, I couldn’t get the animations or projectiles to work as well as I wanted them to, so I scrapped this feature.
  • Story
    • Ah the story. You will find a sincere lack of cutscenes in Ethereal Legends, so few in fact that you may wonder if there is a story at all! There is a story, but it is not really told to you in-game as I simply do not have the means to properly tell a story. I am not a really good writer, nor am I a voice actor, and as such, Ethereal will ship a general lack of storyline. There is some available backstory and I’ve tried to add bits and pieces of world-building lore through item and Realm descriptions, but there’s only so much I can do with the resources available to me. Instead, I’ve tried to focus exclusively on gameplay, and I hope that will make up for the missing storyline. Despite how much I really wanted to add a better storyline, I think players will enjoy not having to suffer through an hour or two of terrible voice acting.

There were a lot more things that got scrapped, but I’m sure you get the idea by now!

This post is getting a bit long, and it’s almost 4 A.M., so I need to go to sleep! Discuss this post on reddit or our steam community!

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Ethereal Legends now Open Source

August 27, 2016
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Things are still going well for Ethereal Legends. I’ve made a number of changes to how the game operates at a base level, and I think we’ll be better off for them. Additionally, I’ve recently begun translating all of the Blueprint code into native C++, and I have open-sourced the module on Github under the Apache 2.0 license for all of you to learn from and use as you please!

Download on Github

You’ll find it here:

Do note that Soverance Studios does not have the ability to distribute the assets or Blueprint code used to create Ethereal Legends, so the module is not intended to be a complete, working game. About 80% of the game is still in Blueprints. It’s not going to run if you try to compile and run it in a new project. It’s mostly just construction code right now, anyway.

With Ethereal Legends now open-source, I’d be ecstatic if anyone wants to contribute, and they can do so by simply making a pull request on the Github repository. I’ll work to integrate any acceptable PRs into the game, and be sure you get credited appropriately for your effort.

I am a novice with C++, and still working on converting the Blueprints, so while the code is commented, I haven’t yet put up proper documentation. Feel free to reach out if you have questions.

Also be sure to check out the Ethereal Legends Game Guide. The Game Guide contains a complete bestiary, item, magic, and weapon lists, tutorial information, and everything else you’ll need to know while exploring the Ethereal Realms.

Ethereal Legends has been approved for release on Steam, PS4, and Xbox One. I’m working hard to get it out before the end of the year, so hopefully you’ll be playing it very soon!

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We’ve lost our office space =(

July 3, 2016
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Well, I kind of figured that was too good to be true.

As you may or may not know, Soverance Studios is a very small business. In the four years of it’s existence, Soverance has never had an investor, and never had any major revenue. Until last year it was just one guy with a dream. It’s a business that has been run entirely at risk, consuming countless hours of my time and thousands of dollars out of my own pocket. It has been tiring and stressful, but also fun and rewarding.

In May of 2015 I signed an employment agreement with another company, Unique Sports Products, to be their Systems Administrator. That agreement included a 550 sq.ft. office space with which to turn Soverance Studios into more than one guy working in his basement. It was an opportunity for me to buy myself time and stability; two things I sorely needed if my vision of Soverance was to become a reality. I jumped on this chance, and took on a partner.

Unfortunately, my employment agreement has come to an end. We have been forced to move from our office space, and Soverance Studios is back to operating out of my bedroom.

Without going too far into detail, a disagreement with my employer grew out of proportion, and resulted in me being fired from my job last week. It’s a long and stupid story that starts with a Fire Marshal inspection and ends with me being jobless. This of course comes with the unfortunate side effect of removing Soverance from our offices, since our office space was tied to my employment agreement.

Our business license may as well be worthless now, since it has an address we can no longer use.

Our business license may as well be worthless now, since it has an address we can no longer use.

I waited a few days to write this post so that the dust could settle; it’s been nearly two weeks, and I’m still not really sure where we stand. While my employer and I were both able to let cooler heads prevail, and I was able to keep my day job, I still lost the office space. Soverance Studios took the hit. At least I’m still able to go to work and continue paying my bills like a normal person… but my business is suffering for it.

For now I’m back to working in my apartment. I’m not sure exactly what this means for Ethereal Legends or Soverance Studios. The loss of our office has definitely created significant obstacles to our progress, especially for the console versions of Ethereal. We now have nowhere to place our servers, nowhere to maintain our shared files or source control, nowhere to put our whiteboard, and we’ve lose the ability to share physical space to allow for emergent design. We no longer have access to a static IP, or a properly-zoned mailing address for our company services, such as bank accounts or business licenses.

I honestly thought that obtaining that office was a turning point for Soverance Studios. It allowed me to bring on a partner, and gave me the stability to do a lot of things that I couldn’t have done otherwise. It’s now the second time in my life where I thought I had successfully built a stable company and was on my way to profitability… only to have it taken from me before I could accomplish my goals or make any money.

Over the last four years, I’ve put everything I have into Soverance Studios. At this point, Soverance is my whole identity. It is who I am. An extension of myself. I have sacrificed much to get to this point; many relationships have suffered, and significant amounts of time and money have been lost. I have also learned a lot, and I have achieved much through dedication and commitment. But I’m far from where I want to be, and the only road left to travel is long and filled with obstacles. I must admit I am tired of struggling… but there is strength in me yet.

Soverance Studios will continue to exist in some form. Ethereal Legends will still be released, though it may be later than I had originally planned. I’m not really sure what else to do except attempt to push forward. I don’t know of any other paths to travel. All we can do is pick ourselves up and continue on.

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