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Tutorial: Unreal Tournament style Lifts in Blueprint

October 18, 2015
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I made a quick tutorial to show how to make lift actors, similar to those found in Unreal Tournament. I figured they were a pretty cool way to help navigate maps vertically, and I wanted them for the new design of Ethereal Legends to help us get our character around the world. So here’s a recreation of the lifts found in UT, to work in 100% Blueprints.

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CTF-Elemental v0.2

March 14, 2015
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I am extremely excited to release the next version of CTF-Elemental, v0.2! I received a huge amount of positive feedback for the first iteration, and I took everything I heard into account when making this update. The most glaring feedback I received was that v0.1 was simply too large. It was a fully playable version of the original “Elemental” cutscene from GDC2012, already large to begin with, and it’s size had actually been increased upon what Epic had already made.

CTF-Elemental v0.2 has been completely redesigned for Unreal Tournament. Back to the drawing board, almost nothing remains of the original “Elemental” cutscene, instead having been replaced with an immediate clashing of fire and ice. True to what’s expected from UT, this new layout should help force more conflicts and keep the action high. It’s still a somewhat large map, and I recommend it be played with 16 players.



  • Removed Landscape actor.
  • Removed the original lake, and numerous structures, routes, and environmental assets.
  • Redesigned nearly the entire map layout, leaving only the original corridor leading to the Lava Knight’s throne.
  • Removed the appearance of both Elementals; Lava Knight and Ice Golem.
  • Removed an estimated 90% of the original “Elemental” Matinee, leaving the lighting in the original corridor.
  • Modified skybox material.
  • Redistributed powerup, weapon/ammo, and armor pickups.
  • Modified collision on too many objects to count.
  • Modified and placed a number of environmental effects.
  • Some other stuff I’m absolutely forgetting.

Planned Adjustments

  • Reintroduction of the Lava Knight and Ice Golem Elementals.
  • Modify collision in numerous areas.
  • Modify nav mesh for smoother and smarter bot navigation.
  • Update or fix lighting in numerous areas.



I hope you enjoy CTF-Elemental v0.2! Please direct any feedback to the Soverance Studios subreddit, or you can find me on Twitter @Soverance

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CTF-Elemental v0.1

February 1, 2015
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CTF-Elemental v0.1

CTF-Elemental is a WORK IN PROGRESS map, and should not be considered as final.  This map is graphically intensive, and requires a high-end machine in order to run smoothly.  There are numerous bugs, errors, and graphical glitches which may negatively affect gameplay and/or crash the UT client.  Please direct all feedback to the CTF-Elemental development thread on the UT forums, linked below.

Development Thread:  Unreal Tournament Forums

In CTF-Elemental, you play to dominate the arena held by two powerful Elementals, caught in eternal conflict.  Players can summon the Lava Knight, who’s destructive power will cause the volcano to erupt and rain fire upon the arena, or summon the Ice Giant, who channels a massive ray of frost across the battlefield, destroying all in it’s path.

To summon an Elemental, a player must step into the corresponding Sigil.  In version 0.1, only the Red Sigil is available, and will play the original GDC cutscene instead of a modified version.


 Installation Instructions

  • Download the pak file from the CTF-Elemental project page.
  • Ensure you’re on the latest version of Unreal Tournament, available through the Epic Launcher
  • Place the CTF-Elemental pak into the following directory:
    • ..UnrealTournamentDevUnrealTournamentContentPaks
  • Launch UT!

Version 0.1 Known Issues

  • Sigil effects deal no damage
  • Blue Sigil is unavailable
  • Bot navigation is severely dysfunctional
  • Navigation Mesh does not cover the Landscape
  • Lava lake does not kill you when you fall in it (it could look way better, too!)
  • Severe collision issues in the red base’s hallway
  • Landscape components that have had holes punched in them should be re-painted
  • Flag animations do not loop
  • All Matinee events must be rebuilt and reorganized for Sigils to work properly.
  • Numerous places where you can fall off the map
  • Numerous collision issues in various locations
  • Some routes could be restructured for better player flow (less “dead ends”)
  • Background music should loop more efficiently during gameplay, and should mute during a Sigil effect.
  • Numerous objects with overlapping UVs


Follow me on Twitter @Soverance

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CTF-Elemental on Christmas Day!

December 25, 2014
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Merry Christmas to you all! I hope it was a good one!

As my gift to all of you, I present you with another collection of screenshots for the new CTF-Elemental map. Even better, you’re also privy to a new video featuring a quick, full length, en-edited route of capture the flag!

Sorry, not yet a completely playable release!  This is an extremely early look at the map, and there are obviously known issues. The current high priority stuff includes:

  • Lighting is not built
  • Many collision detection issues along routes.  Too many to list :/
  • Not all routes have been built, and all are subject to change.
  • No weapons, health, armor, or other pickups have been made available.

I’d estimate the map completion somewhere around 20%.  Still have quite a way to go!  Merry Christmas everyone!

I’ve still got a ton of work to do, obviously.  You can follow development here on soverance.com, or over on the map’s Unreal Tournament forum thread.

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December 20, 2014
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Work in Progress!

I’m excited today to show off a first look at CTF-Elemental, A Capture the Flag map (work in progress) for the new Unreal Tournament, built with Unreal Engine 4 using assets from Epic’s “Elemental” GDC 2012 demo.

Over the last month, I had made a lot of progress on a VR side scroller “Elemental” mod, which I had code named “Project Ethereal.”  I learned a ton about UE4 this way, but the more thought and effort I put into carving out Epic’s demo, the more I figured it’d work really well as an Unreal Tournament CTF map too.  So I used the last few days to familiarize myself with the UT workflow, and finally was able to dig into everything today.  My first results are in the video above, and it’s an incredibly early look at what is coming!


Here’s some thoughts on the kind of road map I’m planning:

  • Elementals spawn when flags are first picked up
    • Elementals can be destroyed, but have high HP
    • Elementals loop area attacks ’til death
    • Defeat Elemental to add 1 to your team’s score?
  • Randomize Lava Knight’s meteor spawns, and have them deal damage
  • Make Frost Giant fire some type of damaging frost beam
  • Block out more defenses for open field combat
  • Add a volcanic tunnel system leading into the volcano, so as to allow flanking of the red base
  • Add a second path around the ice wall’s left side


The map is pretty large, so there’s definitely a ton of space to tighten up.  But that also means there’s a lot of opportunity to make interesting combat with a large number of players.  It’s extremely obvious that this level was never really intended to be played (it was just a cutscene), so there’s quite a bit of collision work to do to make a polished experience.  I’ve spent a good number of hours already cutting stuff out and modifying all the assets, and I expect to spend quite a few more.  I’m really looking forward to getting the map into the community’s hands so I can get some feedback on it.  I definitely need help iterating on weapon/pickup placement, as well as where I can add better routes and how I can better smooth things out.

I’m hoping to get all that together and have a fully playable alpha some time around the first of the year.  2015 here we come!


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