December 20, 2014
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Work in Progress!

I’m excited today to show off a first look at CTF-Elemental, A Capture the Flag map (work in progress) for the new Unreal Tournament, built with Unreal Engine 4 using assets from Epic’s “Elemental” GDC 2012 demo.

Over the last month, I had made a lot of progress on a VR side scroller “Elemental” mod, which I had code named “Project Ethereal.”  I learned a ton about UE4 this way, but the more thought and effort I put into carving out Epic’s demo, the more I figured it’d work really well as an Unreal Tournament CTF map too.  So I used the last few days to familiarize myself with the UT workflow, and finally was able to dig into everything today.  My first results are in the video above, and it’s an incredibly early look at what is coming!


Here’s some thoughts on the kind of road map I’m planning:

  • Elementals spawn when flags are first picked up
    • Elementals can be destroyed, but have high HP
    • Elementals loop area attacks ’til death
    • Defeat Elemental to add 1 to your team’s score?
  • Randomize Lava Knight’s meteor spawns, and have them deal damage
  • Make Frost Giant fire some type of damaging frost beam
  • Block out more defenses for open field combat
  • Add a volcanic tunnel system leading into the volcano, so as to allow flanking of the red base
  • Add a second path around the ice wall’s left side


The map is pretty large, so there’s definitely a ton of space to tighten up.  But that also means there’s a lot of opportunity to make interesting combat with a large number of players.  It’s extremely obvious that this level was never really intended to be played (it was just a cutscene), so there’s quite a bit of collision work to do to make a polished experience.  I’ve spent a good number of hours already cutting stuff out and modifying all the assets, and I expect to spend quite a few more.  I’m really looking forward to getting the map into the community’s hands so I can get some feedback on it.  I definitely need help iterating on weapon/pickup placement, as well as where I can add better routes and how I can better smooth things out.

I’m hoping to get all that together and have a fully playable alpha some time around the first of the year.  2015 here we come!


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