CTF-Elemental v0.1

February 1, 2015
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CTF-Elemental v0.1

CTF-Elemental is a WORK IN PROGRESS map, and should not be considered as final.  This map is graphically intensive, and requires a high-end machine in order to run smoothly.  There are numerous bugs, errors, and graphical glitches which may negatively affect gameplay and/or crash the UT client.  Please direct all feedback to the CTF-Elemental development thread on the UT forums, linked below.

Development Thread:  Unreal Tournament Forums

In CTF-Elemental, you play to dominate the arena held by two powerful Elementals, caught in eternal conflict.  Players can summon the Lava Knight, who’s destructive power will cause the volcano to erupt and rain fire upon the arena, or summon the Ice Giant, who channels a massive ray of frost across the battlefield, destroying all in it’s path.

To summon an Elemental, a player must step into the corresponding Sigil.  In version 0.1, only the Red Sigil is available, and will play the original GDC cutscene instead of a modified version.


 Installation Instructions

  • Download the pak file from the CTF-Elemental project page.
  • Ensure you’re on the latest version of Unreal Tournament, available through the Epic Launcher
  • Place the CTF-Elemental pak into the following directory:
    • ..UnrealTournamentDevUnrealTournamentContentPaks
  • Launch UT!

Version 0.1 Known Issues

  • Sigil effects deal no damage
  • Blue Sigil is unavailable
  • Bot navigation is severely dysfunctional
  • Navigation Mesh does not cover the Landscape
  • Lava lake does not kill you when you fall in it (it could look way better, too!)
  • Severe collision issues in the red base’s hallway
  • Landscape components that have had holes punched in them should be re-painted
  • Flag animations do not loop
  • All Matinee events must be rebuilt and reorganized for Sigils to work properly.
  • Numerous places where you can fall off the map
  • Numerous collision issues in various locations
  • Some routes could be restructured for better player flow (less “dead ends”)
  • Background music should loop more efficiently during gameplay, and should mute during a Sigil effect.
  • Numerous objects with overlapping UVs


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