CTF-Elemental v0.2

March 14, 2015
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I am extremely excited to release the next version of CTF-Elemental, v0.2! I received a huge amount of positive feedback for the first iteration, and I took everything I heard into account when making this update. The most glaring feedback I received was that v0.1 was simply too large. It was a fully playable version of the original “Elemental” cutscene from GDC2012, already large to begin with, and it’s size had actually been increased upon what Epic had already made.

CTF-Elemental v0.2 has been completely redesigned for Unreal Tournament. Back to the drawing board, almost nothing remains of the original “Elemental” cutscene, instead having been replaced with an immediate clashing of fire and ice. True to what’s expected from UT, this new layout should help force more conflicts and keep the action high. It’s still a somewhat large map, and I recommend it be played with 16 players.



  • Removed Landscape actor.
  • Removed the original lake, and numerous structures, routes, and environmental assets.
  • Redesigned nearly the entire map layout, leaving only the original corridor leading to the Lava Knight’s throne.
  • Removed the appearance of both Elementals; Lava Knight and Ice Golem.
  • Removed an estimated 90% of the original “Elemental” Matinee, leaving the lighting in the original corridor.
  • Modified skybox material.
  • Redistributed powerup, weapon/ammo, and armor pickups.
  • Modified collision on too many objects to count.
  • Modified and placed a number of environmental effects.
  • Some other stuff I’m absolutely forgetting.

Planned Adjustments

  • Reintroduction of the Lava Knight and Ice Golem Elementals.
  • Modify collision in numerous areas.
  • Modify nav mesh for smoother and smarter bot navigation.
  • Update or fix lighting in numerous areas.



I hope you enjoy CTF-Elemental v0.2! Please direct any feedback to the Soverance Studios subreddit, or you can find me on Twitter @Soverance

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