CTF-Elemental Version History


CTF-Elemental v0.1 Release

  Visit Download Page   CTF-Elemental v0.1 CTF-Elemental is a WORK IN PROGRESS map, and should not be considered as final.  This map is graphically intensive, and requires a high-end machine in order to run smoothly.  There are numerous bugs, errors, and graphical glitches which may negatively affect gameplay and/or crash the UT client.  Please […]preview_christmas4

CTF-Elemental on Christmas Day!

Merry Christmas to you all! I hope it was a good one! As my gift to all of you, I present you with another collection of screenshots for the new CTF-Elemental map. Even better, you’re also privy to a new video featuring a quick, full length, en-edited route of capture the flag! Sorry, not yet […]ctf-elemental


CTF-Elemental Work in Progress! I’m excited today to show off a first look at CTF-Elemental, A Capture the Flag map (work in progress) for the new Unreal Tournament, built with Unreal Engine 4 using assets from Epic’s “Elemental” GDC 2012 demo. Over the last month, I had made a lot of progress on a VR side […]

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