Endless Reach 1.5

February 24, 2014
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Endless Reach has been released for Android!

You can download it now, for free, at the Google Play store!

Endless Reach is a 2.5D shooter that puts the player in control of a powerful starfighter, charged to defend the Reach against the invading Etherium fleet. In this demo version, your goal is to destroy enough of the enemy fighters in order to lure out and destroy the enemy cruiser.




I’m currently working on porting this to both iOS and Windows Phone, so look out for those in the near the future. I also plan to release a premium version of this game in Summer 2014. That version will include randomly generated levels (with randomized spacescapes, like planets and nebulae), along with numerous powerups and ship upgrades, as well as new bosses to defeat. Again, a huge thanks goes out to my buddy Shiny Baubles for putting together the music for this one, and I look forward to hearing more of his tunes in future updates!


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