Endless Reach 2.2 Beta is now live!

September 3, 2014
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DOWNLOAD 2.2 BETA from the Official Website





These features and fixes have been implemented for 2.2:

  • Updates to Oculus SDK 0.4.1
  • Level 2 – The Celestial Plains is now able to be unlocked.
  • Universal online leaderboards have been introduced. View the leaderboards outside the game on the official websiteLeaderboards are separated by individual level. You will be prompted to enter your name if your score surpasses one of the universal high scores. Entering names must currently be done with a keyboard.
  • When starting the game, a Soverance splash screen now prefaces the title screen, during which the HMD orientation is automatically reset
  • Screenshots can now be captured during gameplay by pressing the Left Stick (L3). This is an experimental feature, and is resource intensive. Using it will cause a momentary pause in frame rate. Additionally, only one screenshot may be saved, and all successive screenshots will overwrite the previous one. Future updates will allow for multiple saved screenshots.
  • Cameras now fade during level loads
  • The game can now be paused by pressing the “Start” button at any time during gameplay. You can restart the level, or exit back to the main menu from the pause menu. Hit “Start” again to unpause the game and resume play.
  • A new model for the player’s starting drone has replaced the placeholder model using in version 2.1. This new drone is currently known as the Mark I.
  • All firing rates have been slightly increased, and bullet collision has been improved.
  • Fixed a bug where the player could still overload after defeating the boss, causing both a complete and failure status screen to appear, as well as a constant and unstoppable controller vibration.


  • All sound effects are still super rough.
  • Status screen does not recenter properly when returning from viewing a Leaderboard
  • Targeting reticles on Boss 01 – Aern appear in the incorrect positions. They are centered instead of around Left/Right engines
  • While Boss 02 – Celestial Archon’s head can be targeted with homing missiles, no reticle appears. It’s actually there, it’s just too small for his giant head

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