Endless Reach is a hardcore shoot ‘em up that puts you in the shoes of a lone space drone pilot, laying claim to the uncharted galaxy known as the Reach.

Send your starfighter drone out into the unknown, and use it to battle your way through the alien hordes and make the regions safe for colonization. The future of humanity depends on you!

A Hardcore Shmup

for a New Generation

  • info@soverance.com

Intense Combat

Your Starfighter is equipped with powerful weapons, including blasters, missles, and a boost feature. Collect powerups to deal more damage, and use head tracking to lock-on homing missles.

Devastating Overloads

Upgrade your blasters too much and you may find yourself overloading with power - time the release of this energy just right and you can destroy everything in range. Miss the timing, and your ship explodes.

Online Leaderboards

Compete with other players from around the globe to see who can get the highest score on each of the ten levels.

Source Code

As this version of Endless Reach will likely never receive an official update, we have provided the C# code that powers the game for free via Github. It is designed for use with Unity 4. No assets are included.