Ethereal Legends Alpha Test

January 1, 2016
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Welcome to the Ethereal Legends Alpha Test!

This is a private alpha test phase exclusively for Steam users. If you would like to participate in the alpha test, you must request a key by submitting the Alpha Access Request Form found by clicking the button below. If accepted, you will be emailed a Steam key within 72 hours for participation in the alpha test.

(Please note that this alpha test phase is now complete, and no more keys will be provided. We’d like to thank you all for your participation and valuable feedback!)

If you’ve already played the Alpha Demo, we’d really like your feedback! Hit the button below to start our feedback survey.

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A powerful sorceress has taken control of Arcadia, and you must ascend a supernatural spire to defeat her. Explore dungeons, battle monsters, solve puzzles, and use all the tools at your disposal to reach the top of the tower.

Ethereal Legends takes place in the world of Arcadia. You’ll control a party of three mages – Absolut, a wandering wizard from a distant land; Sonya, a beautiful heroine and master of the sword; Morrigan, a youthful sorceress with the power of flight. A twist of fate would bring them together against a common antagonist – a powerful sorceress who worships an omnipotent god, and summons him to conquer Arcadia and all within it’s borders.

Gameplay in Ethereal Legends consists of two major “modes”: an Exploration mode and a Combat mode. In Exploration Mode, you’ll be able to explore the area, manage your party, solve puzzles, speak with NPCs, uncover hidden loot, and hunt enemies to battle. In the Combat Mode, you’ll actually use all of your spells and abilities to overcome terrific odds against powerful foes.

We’ll explore these modes in further detail later in this post.  promo4

Ethereal Legends is a game designed to be played either with a regular monitor OR a virtual reality HMD. When starting the game, the application will auto-detect if you have a virtual reality HMD ready (for example, you have an Oculus DK2 plugged into your PC and the OVR service is running). If a qualified VR device is found, the game will start up in VR mode. If no VR device is found, it will start in the regular monitor mode. If you have a VR device connected and would still like to play the regular monitor mode, you should simply disable your VR service and restart the application.


The Ethereal Legends Alpha Demo only supports gamepads, and works best with an Xbox controller. All user interface graphics currently use the Xbox gamepad layout, although we are likely to add an option to toggle the UI to use the PlayStation layout.



In the Exploration Mode, you’ll be able to navigate the world using the left stick of the gamepad. You’ll only be able to control a single character at any given time, however, you can switch characters by using the shoulder buttons (LB/RB). You’ll need to strategically switch characters during exploration in order to successfully navigate areas and solve puzzles within the environment.

Each character has a single unique ability during exploration, allowing you to interact with the world in various ways. Each ability is triggered with the same general control scheme – enable the ability with the “Y” button, and actually use it by pressing the “X” button.  promo3

  • Absolut – RETURN
    • Drop a light into the world by pressing “Y“.
    • Return to the light from any location on the map by pressing “X“.
      • This ability can also be used to illuminate dark areas.
      • Incredibly useful for returning to places quickly, or saving yourself from falling.
  • Sonya – GRENADE
    • Toss a magic grenade into the world by pressing “Y“.
    • Detonate the grenade by pressing “X“.
      • This ability is useful for breaking rocks and affecting the environment.
      • Use grenades to uncover hidden objects and pathways.
      • (This ability is incomplete, and grenades cannot be detonated)
  • Morrigan – FLIGHT
    • Press the “Y” button to toggle hovering on or off.
    • Press the “X” button while hovering to get a small flight boost.
      • This ability is useful for navigating areas and clearing gaps.
      • Use Flight to get to places you otherwise couldn’t.


During the Exploration Mode, you can call up the Main Menu at any time by pressing the “Start” button. When opening the menu, you’ll always be greeted first by the Party tab. The Party tab contains all of the communal information about your party, including:

  • The party’s Level. (In Ethereal Legends, your party shares a single level across all members).
  • The number of Orbs you’ve obtained compared to the orbs available in the game.
  • Total number of gold you’ve obtained.
  • Your EXP to next level.
  • Your party’s AP level (a currently unused combat feature planned for a later update).
  • Your party’s Items and their quantities.


While most of the Party tab is informational, you can scroll through your list of items using the “Up/Down D-Pad” buttons. All items in the Alpha Demo are labeled only for “Use In Battle”, however some items in the future may be labeled for “Use in Explore”. A list of currently planned items can be found below.

In Ethereal Legends, magical spells are harnessed into the power of Orbs. Numerous Orbs can be found or purchased throughout the game, however there are only six Orbs available for the Alpha Demo.

Orbs can be equipped to individual characters so that the spells they contain can be cast during combat. Each character has three slots in which Orbs can be placed, although a fourth slot can be unlocked later in the game. Orbs can be equipped on any character, though you may want to strategically choose which characters cast which spells to give you the greatest advantage in battle.


Navigate the Bindings tab by using the “D-Pad” to select different slots and orbs, and hit “X” to switch between character tabs. You’ll notice that the details panel will change based on the context of your selection:

  • Unbound
    • An empty slot is selected.
  • Unknown
    • An orb is selected that you have not yet obtained.
  • Orb Info
    • Spell Name
    • Spell Description
    • MP Cost

To bind orbs, select a slot and press “A“. The menu will change context to allow you to scroll through the list of Orbs. When you find the orb you’d like to bind, press “A” again and the orb will appear in the slot. A bound orb is represented by a green checkmark in the list. Orbs cannot be bound twice; they must first be removed before they can be bound to another character. To remove a bound orb from it’s slot, simply select it and press “Y“.

A list of proposed Orbs (Spells) is found below:

The in-game map provides a top down view of the world, with debug indicators outlining points of interest. You can adjust the camera position of the map by using the analog sticks.


The map will display the following items:

  • Altars
    • Used as Save Points within the game world. They grant a large EXP bonus when first discovered.
  • Enemies
    • Enemies roaming the world. Touching one will initiate Combat Mode.
  • Bosses
    • There are two bosses in each area. One must be defeated in order to progress; the other is special.
  • Chests
    • Loot crates containing items and gold.


Combat in Ethereal Legends is based on the Active Turn Battle system popularized by Final Fantasy.  Battle strategy is determined by a handful of statistics laid out for each character and enemy. They are as follows:

In battle, a character’s turn speed is determined by their SPD stat. A character’s speed will charge over time until it reaches a limit. A character’s turn speed is represented by a yellow bar in the battle HUD found in the lower right corner of the screen, while their current HP is reflected in the green bar, and their current HP and MP values are shown as text. When a character’s SPD bar fills up, they will be placed in the turn queue, awaiting input. Once you’ve given them input, the character will act, and the SPD bar will return to zero and begin charging once again.

Use the battle menu on the right side of the screen to have your party members take action. Characters get a choice of three options in battle:

  • Attack
    • A standard attack.
  • Magic
    • Access the spells bound to this character.
  • Items
    • Access the items available to your party.

Victory is achieved when all enemies have been defeated.


Ethereal Legends is created, designed, and built by Scott McCutchen and Jacob Corle. As the founders of Soverance Studios, we’re dedicated to innovating gameplay for virtual reality, and providing you with fun and exciting experiences in the process. We’re extremely excited to bring you the Ethereal Legends Alpha Demo, which is our first major production to be released on Steam in 2016. What you see here is an early preview of the full game, and we’re working every day to make it better.

We work heavily with Unreal Engine and the Oculus Rift to create great content. Art assets provided by 3D Foin and Arteria 3D.

We’d love to have your feedback on the demo, so if you’ve had the opportunity to play the game, please help us out be filling out the form linked below.

Thanks, and we hope you enjoy Ethereal Legends!

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One of our fans, vrgamerdude, was kind enough to make a quick video of him trying out the alpha demo, which you can watch below. It’s a great video! If you enjoy it, subscribe to his YouTube channel at this link.