Ethereal Beta Update Version 0.8.3

October 21, 2016
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Ethereal Version 0.8.3 is now available for Beta testers. The 58 MB update is now available for download through the Steam client.

Changes in this version include:

  • Full Keyboard/Mouse support.
  • Auto-Save notifications
  • Remastered Credits
  • Minor bug-fixes and performance tweaks

In version 0.8.3, if you launch the game and no save file is found (usually the first time you play), you will be prompted to choose a “CONTROL TYPE”. You can choose between “Xbox One”, “PS4”, and “Keyboard/Mouse” control types. Selecting a control type simply determines what platform’s button icons display on-screen, and makes almost no changes to actual input keys.

Despite now having full Keyboard/Mouse support, I still highly recommend that you play with a gamepad controller.

Do note that in version 0.8.3, the Keyboard/Mouse controls are not customizable, and keys cannot be rebound to other keys. While this functionality does already exist in game, it was prototyped using mouse input, and until the widget can be rebuilt to utilize the game’s current input standard, the key rebinding feature is not available.

Short and to the point!  Enjoy!

If you’ve not yet registered for Ethereal Beta Testing, you can find more info here:

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