Ethereal Beta Update Version 0.8.4

October 29, 2016
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Beta testers for Ethereal Legends can download the 0.8.4 update via Steam now. It’s about 94 MB, so it shouldn’t take long!

In addition, I’ve sent out another round of Beta invite keys. If you applied for Beta access and have yet to receive a key, you’ll probably find one in your email right now. I’d like to thank you all for the feedback you’ve provided so far! I’ve received some great comments, much of which has been useful for ironing out the kinks!

For version update 0.8.4, I am glad to reveal the addition of the Shop feature, as well as a number of bug fixes and improvements, all listed below.



  • SHOP

    • To access the Shop, simply speak with the wizard NPC inside the temple in Arcadia.
    • You can purchase Consumable Items, Magic spells, Weapons, and Armor through the Shop.
    • The Shop does not feature Epic-quality Weapons or Armor, nor does it feature every spell. The rarest items are saved for Boss drops or hard-to-find treasure chests found throughout the game.
    • While most of the items available for purchase are working well, some are still incomplete, and will not work correctly. Items known to be broken are:
      • Adrenaline
      • Sentinel Brew
      • Fire
      • Blizzard
      • Eagle Eye
      • Eurytos’ Bow

    • A bug was fixed where speaking with the Prodigy NPC multiple times could sometimes cause his dialog widget to never disappear.
    • A bug was fixed where the player started the game in walk mode.
    • A bug was fixed where the Portal would occasionally fail to transition the player to a new map (needs a bit more testing, but I think it’s good!).
    • A bug was fixed where the Regen and Refresh auto-ticks would become disabled if you died and then reraised.
    • A bug was fixed where dying and returning to Arcadia would leave you dead in Arcadia.
    • Numerous bugs were fixed concerning trueSKY implementation.
    • Functionality was restored to the “Reraise” consumable item.

    • A known rendering bug exists in the Arcadia trueSKY sphere that makes what appears to be a seam along it’s axis.
    • A known bug exists where opening, closing and then reopening the shop will prompt you to immediately purchase a Potion. As a workaround, you can simply hit ‘Back’ to return to the default Shop menu.
    • A known bug exists wherein enemies that kill you sometimes will not re-aggro if you use the Reraise option.
    • A known bug exists where using the Return Portal does not properly launch the character into the air.
    • A known bug exists where the Return Portal persists into Arcadia after completing a Realm (in this case, finishing Shiitake Temple and returning to Arcadia causes the error)


Any Beta testers who have yet to fill out the feedback form can do so by hitting the button below.


As always, hit me up on Twitter, the Steam forums, or via email to report any feedback or bugs.

If you would like to participate in the Ethereal Legends Beta Test, you can find out information about how to request a Steam key in this post.

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