Ethereal Beta Version Update 0.8.9

November 23, 2016
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This one is going to be a smaller update, but I wanted to get it out there before the holiday!

I’m really excited to get this update out there, because while it is a small one, it’s super valuable! I’ve been listening to your feedback, and I’ve made a change allowing players to equip one of each weapon type, and easily swap between all three weapon modes during gameplay. It should help make all weapons much more versatile! In addition, there are a number of other much-wanted improvements, including changes to menu navigation and the in-game map. Along with a handful of bug fixes, I think you’ll all enjoy a quick upgrade to the experience!

Version 0.8.9 Update Notes

  • Players can now equip one main weapon of each weapon type.
  • Players can now swap between main weapons quickly during gameplay by pressing UP or DOWN on the D-Pad.
  • The ‘Pause’ menu has been reorganized to display information and be controlled in a more intuitive manner.
  • Points of interest are now clearly indicated on the map.
  • Sound effects played when equipping weapons and armor were changed.
  • The reward for completing the tutorial was changed.
  • An extra panel was added to the tutorial, describing weapon modes.
  • More random hints were added to the loading screen.
  • Fixed a bug where an incorrect icon would display during the tutorial while using a PlayStation control scheme.
  • Fixed a bug where the Pause menu could be opened during certain sections of the tutorial sequence.
  • Fixed a bug where the player could move during certain sections of the tutorial sequence.
  • Changes were made to the Arcadian Desert landscape.

As always, hit me up with any feedback you may have!  Find me on Twitter, Facebook, the Ethereal Steam Community, or subreddit.

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