Ethereal Beta Version Update 0.9.6

February 2, 2017
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I’m excited to bring version 0.9.6 to you so quickly after the last update, as this one focuses mostly on polish and balance. This update had a pretty quick turnaround since the list of changes just kept growing larger, and I didn’t want to make the update notes too long!  I’m glad to say I’m finally into the process of putting the final touches onto everything and preparing for version 1.0.  I’ve dug through the whole game and fixed many of the minor issues plaguing the player’s experience, and this build should feel a lot tighter, more stable, and more intuitive than previous versions.

My favorite addition in this update is proper footstep effects for various surface types, which has made a huge difference in realism when walking around the Ethereal Realms.  You might be happy to hear that I finally got around to refactoring the Lock On Targeting system to be more intuitive, which has been a common request.  I also added more special effects to armor pieces, and fixed a ton of bugs throughout the game.  All of this adds up to much improved experience!

Beta Testers can download the Version 0.9.6 now, via the Steam client.

Ethereal Version 0.9.6 Update Notes 

  • Added audio and visual footstep effects for the following surface types, all of which appear somewhere within the Realms:
    • Dust
    • Dirt
    • Mud
    • Grass
    • Wood
    • Concrete
    • Snow
    • Water
    • Metal
    • Energy
  • Potential targets for Lock On Targeting must now meet the following requirements:
    • Player must have Line of Sight to the potential target.
    • Potential target must exist on screen.
  • The ability to switch targets using the right analog stick while locked on has been removed.
  • Enemies will now regenerate to full health after defeating the player.
    • Enemies will not regenerate health if the player is killed with the “Reraise” status active.
  • The Reraise consumable item visual effect was modified.
  • Multiple uses of the Reraise consumable item will now have no effect.
    • Like all other effects, you must wait for the effect to wear off before it can be reapplied.
  • The following armor pieces now provide special effects when equipped:
    • Crusader’s Tabard  (Null Burn)
    • Assassin’s Vest  (Null Poison)
    • Assassin’s Brais  (Increase Movement Speed)
    • Valhalla Flanchard  (Increase Movement Speed)
  • Added more random hints to the loading screen.
  • Flytraps will now commonly drop Antidotes.
  • Zhan will now aggro with AI senses like any other enemy if the player is killed and must reinitialize the battle.
  • Black Magic spells that hit twice will no longer create double kills on enemies.
  • Increased base damage of the Comet black magic spell.
  • Lava Knight’s Flame Blast attack will now cause the additional effect Burn.
  • Slowed down the door puzzle animation in Boreal Core.
  • Fixed collision issues in the following Realms that would allow players to escape the Realm’s external boundaries:
    • Boreal Core
    • Shiitake Temple
  • Fixed a bug where the portal spawned after defeating the Eternal would occasionally be out of reach.
  • Fixed a bug with the visual burst effect that plays when activating a statue in Boreal Core.
  • Fixed a bug where players who were defeated during boss fights were unable to open the menu upon restarting.
  • Fixed a bug where Zhan’s attack cycle would not reinitialize after defeating the player.
  • Fixed a bug with the Barrier spell where entering the spell’s area of effect would apply an incorrect DEF value.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause a crash if a player obtained more than 99 of any one consumable item and then attempted to save the game.

Whew! That was a good one! Expect more like this in the coming weeks. As always, hit me up with any feedback you may have!  Find me on Twitter, Facebook, the Ethereal Steam Community, or subreddit.

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