Ethereal Beta Version Update 0.9.7

February 7, 2017
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Two-Handed weapons get a massive change in this update, giving them their own unique style and feel, and finally making the weapon type feel more useful throughout the game.  I know the Two-Handed weapons weren’t seen as useful at all by many beta testers, and I’m really excited to finally have found an implementation I’m happy with to hopefully fix this issue.  In previous versions, the two-handed attack animation was very basic, and felt too similar to one-handed weapon attacks. Just press A and swing; with no real weight behind them the animation happened too quickly and was not satisfying.  In version 0.9.7, Two-Handed weapons now operate a bit like a combination of Ranged and One-Handed weapons: Hold the A button to bring the weapon over your head, and once charged (indicated by the same flare Ranged weapons use), you may release the button to begin a downswing that deals heavy damage.  I also implemented movement penalties during the Two-Handed weapon attack process – you run at half speed while charging a Two-Handed attack, and you can’t move at all during the attack’s downswing.  I feel like these movement penalties are a good trade-off to gain the Two-Handed weapon’s increased base damage, and they do the more important job of making Two-Handed weapons feel heavier to use.

Another addition I’m pretty happy about is what I call the “Diff” system, which is more or less the ability for you to see exactly how a piece of equipment compares to whatever you currently have equipped.  This is a pretty common feature in item-based RPGs that was missing from Ethereal, and while Ethereal‘s stat system is pretty basic compared to other RPGs, it is still necessary to compare and contrast items in order to equip the best items for your play style.  Now when you’re in the menu looking at new equipment to bind, you’ll see the plus or minus stats outlined and highlighted to help determine how equipping that item will affect your stats.  This system was more or less built along with the armor system, so all the math was already working behind the scenes, I simply hadn’t made any method to display this data to the player.  Now I have!

The Diff column appears only when you are selecting items from your inventory – Gains earned are shown in green, while Losses are shown in red.  This screen shows a diff of the Assassin’s Vest as compared to the Adaman Cuirass.

Ethereal Beta Testers can go download the 0.9.7 version update from the Steam client, now.

While the change to Two-Handed weapons is easily the biggest change in this version, there’s a lot of other good fixes and balancing patches in this update!  See below for the full update notes.

Ethereal Version 0.9.7 Update Notes

  • Two Handed weapon attacks were significantly changed.
    • Two-Handed attacks must now be charged by holding the Attack button, similar to how Ranged weapons are used.
    • Releasing the Attack button will begin a Two-Handed “Downswing”.
    • Players move at half speed while charging a Two-Handed weapon attack.
    • Players cannot move during a Two-Handed Downswing.
  • Players will now see a “Diff” column when selecting gear, to help determine the value of equipping that item.
  • The base damage of all Two-Handed weapons was increased.
  • The player’s available melee radius was increased.
  • The Haste spell will no longer prevent the movement penalties associated with blocking or being locked on a target.
  • Blocking states were added for both the Ranged and Unarmed weapon modes.
  • Adjusted the homing target location for Ranged projectiles.
  • The following weapons were updated with new audio/visual effects:
    • Juggernaut
    • Claymore
    • Marauder
    • Temperance
  • The following armor pieces were updated with new additional effects:
    • Assassin’s Cuffs  (Ranged Attack Boost)
    • War Gloves  (Ranged Attack Boost)
    • Leather Gloves  (Two-Handed Attack Boost)
    • Crusader’s Mitts  (Two-Handed Attack Boost)
    • Adaman Gauntlets  (One-Handed Attack Boost)
    • Valhalla Gauntlets  (One-Handed Attack Boost)
    • Valhalla Helm  (Refresh +5)
    • Valhalla Greaves  (Regen +5)
  • The Restore Ring’s additional effect was modified.
    • Players now receive +1 to both Regen and Refresh for every level they have gained.
    • The boost gained from Restore Ring is capped at +60  (current level cap).
  • The gear details panel will now resize correctly, based on the menu’s current tab.
  • Fixed a bug where, on systems with low-end hardware, occasionally the player would load beneath the Realm’s floor and enter a persistent falling state.

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