Ethereal Beta Version Update 0.9

December 15, 2016
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Ethereal Version 0.9 is here!

This one comes a bit later than I had planned because I took some time off from development to play Final Fantasy XV.  I’m really glad I did, because the game was incredible, lots of fun, and gave me tons of ideas for Ethereal. Both games are similar in some respects (although FFXV is obviously a AAA title, compared to my smaller solo effort), and I am able to borrow some elements of FFXV, innovate on others, and hopefully combine them with my own ideas to provide a completely original gameplay experience.

I’m excited to release this update, because it helps better cement my idea of what Arcadia can be as a “hub world”, and current beta players will immediately notice the complete replacement of the first area of the game with an all new environment.  The tutorial quest now takes place in a graveyard (skeletons in a desert did not make a ton of sense?), and the area is designed in such a way to make it easy for me to add secrets and unlockables in future updates.

In addition to New Arcadia along with a number of bug fixes and improvements, I’ve also unlocked Boreal Core for play testing, which is designed for players around level 30. Inside you’ll find a damp ice cave filled with giant spiders and frost giants! At the end you’ll find the core itself guarded by the Frost Captain, a huge ice giant ready to crush your face!

Ethereal Version 0.9 Update Notes

  • Updated to Unreal Engine 4.14.1
  • Arcadia environment has been replaced.
    • Due to the new environment, all Arcadian NPCs and enemies have new locations.
    • The new environment is still work in progress, and you may encounter performance, rendering, or collision errors.
  • Boreal Core is now able to be unlocked.
    • Designed for players around level 30.
    • You must complete Vulcan Shrine in order to unlock Boreal Core.
    • Boreal Core introduces the following enemies:
      • Spider
      • Giant Spider
      • Frost Giant
      • Frost Captain (Boss)
  • Skeleton King will now drop “Dash” instead of “Cure” during the tutorial.
  • Added a “Total Gameplay Time” feature, which is viewable on the Stats menu.
  • Menus can no longer be opened during combat.
  • The default “Open Map” button was changed to “R3”, in order to accommodate PS4 controller “Share” button requirements.
  • Some tutorial text was changed to make more sense within the new environment.
  • Adjusted the melee radius of the following enemies:
    • Dragon Worm
    • Goblin
  • Adjusted the hearing radius of the following enemies:
    • Dragon Worm
    • Gruntling
    • Goblin
  • Adjusted the height of enemy and boss map indicators.
  • Fixed a bug where some PS4 control labels would sometimes show an incorrect icon.
  • Fixed a rendering bug that caused the character to appear black during loading screens.
  • Fixed a bug where the Horseman’s Head would not be properly removed after unequipping the item.
  • Fixed an error that could occur if you started the game by choosing “Return to Arcadia” from the Main Menu’s Options panel.
  • Fixed a bug where Soul Eaters would occasionally appear to slide during their initial aggro phase.
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes let players switch weapons during certain menu sequences.
  • Fixed a bug where the Beam Saber would not properly disable when switched during gameplay.
  • Fixed a bug where boss music would not stop playing after defeating the Skeleton King.
  • Fixed a bug where the tutorial quest could occasionally get out of sync if you killed Skeleton Warriors in a certain way.

As always, hit me up with any feedback you may have!  Find me on Twitter, Facebook, the Ethereal Steam Community, or subreddit.

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