Ethereal Version Update 1.2.2

April 21, 2017
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Ethereal Version 1.2.2 is here!

I am excited to release version 1.2.2 today, which includes a handful of adjustments and improvements to make for a more polished experience.  Current players can grab the free update via the Steam right now.

Ethereal Version 1.2.2 Update Notes

  • All enemies will now be spawned at an adjusted level relative to the player’s level once the Celestial Nexus has been completed.
    • This should help add greater difficulty to earlier realms for endgame players.
  • Signet Rings are now a 100% drop from their respective enemies.
  • Enemy info displayed while locked on target will now include the target’s current ATK, DEF, and SPD stats.
  • Slight variations were introduced to all enemy’s stat figures in an attempt to improve game balance.
  • Several areas around Arcadia were improved for better performance and collision.
  • Foliage in Shiitake Temple will no longer accept rendered Area of Effect decals.
  • A staircase was added to Empyrean Gardens that should help make the gate puzzle less annoying for first-timers.
  • Fixed a handful of collision issues in various realms.
  • Fixed errors concerning the legibility of special characters in text widgets.
  • Fixed errors where some Signet monsters would drop Potions instead of their intended rewards.


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