Ethereal Version Update 1.2

March 20, 2017
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I’ve spent the last few weeks implementing the first of Ethereal‘s “end game” content, which I am excited to release today!

Ethereal Legends Version 1.2 is now available for all users, directly through the Steam client.

In addition to a number of bug fixes and improvements, Ethereal version 1.2 contains a new endgame system that I call “Signet Notorious Monsters“.  I’ve made six additions to the Arcadia map; six boss arenas each locked by an elemental gate.  Behind each gate is a confrontation with the most difficult monsters yet, and defeating these monsters will reward players with new and powerful items.

Arcadia Map

An overhead view of Arcadia, revealing points of interest in the area.

Before players can unlock the gates, they must collect “Signet Rings” from the boss within each corresponding Ethereal Realm.  Use the Portal to travel to new Realms, and defeat the boss there to find the elemental Signet Ring.  For example, you’ll find the Aqua Signet within the Shiitake Temple as a common drop from the Death Cap boss enemy.  Signet Rings are not 100% guaranteed drops.  For more information on loot and where to find it, see the Loot Table.

Once a player has obtained a Signet Ring, they can use it to unlock the corresponding gate.  Signet Rings are destroyed upon use, and the gate will remain unlocked while the player stays within Arcadia.  Traveling to a new Realm or exiting the game will cause all gates to lock, requiring players to obtain another Signet Ring to unlock each gate.

Defeating the enemies found behind the Signet gates will reward the player with some of the game’s rarest and most powerful items.

Ethereal Version Update 1.2

  • Signet Notorious Monster (SNM) system was added.
    • To participate in an SNM battle, players must first locate and unlock a Signet Gate found in Arcadia.  Players must defeat the monsters found beyond the Signet Gates to obtain powerful rewards.
    • The following SNMs were added:
      • Daemon  (Aqua Signet)
      • Ghost  (Flame Signet)
      • Ice Knight  (Ice Signet)
      • Earth Golem  (Earth Signet)
      • Sky Dragon  (Sky Signet)
      • Proto Zhan  (Star Signet)
    • Signet Gates require a corresponding elemental Signet Ring to unlock.
      • Signet Rings can be found as common drops from boss enemies in their respective Realms.
    • Signet Rings are consumed upon use.
      • After using a Signet Ring, Gates will remain unlocked until the player leaves the area.
  • The following items were added:  (For complete item descriptions and locations, visit the Loot Table)
    • Aqua Signet
    • Flame Signet
    • Ice Signet
    • Earth Signet
    • Sky Signet
    • Star Signet
    • Hunter’s Hood
    • Hunter’s Coat
    • Hunter’s Gloves
    • Hunter’s Pants
    • Hunter’s Boots
    • Crimson Helm
    • Crimson Heart
    • Crimson Gauntlets
    • Crimson Slacks
    • Crimson Greaves
    • Death’s Void
    • Dragon Shield
    • Pulse Arrows
    • Rune Bow
    • Apocalypse
    • Defending Ring
    • Conquerer
    • Valkyrie
  • New audio and visual effects were added to a number of weapons.
  • The price of certain consumable items was adjusted.
  • The items dropped by certain enemies have been changed.
  • Fixed a number of collision issues in Arcadia.
  • The player character was slightly increased in scale.
  • The player character’s maximum movement speed was slightly increased for all movement modes.
  • Enemies can no longer aggro by sight from behind walls or beneath floors.
  • Enemies that receive an adjusted level will now spawn between 5 and 15 levels greater than the player.
    • As of version 1.2, the only enemies that receive adjusted levels are SNMs and the skeletons found in the Arcadian graveyard after completing the tutorial.
  • Basic doors in Arcadia now have a sound effect when opened.
  • Gates found in Arcadia now have an additional visual effect when opened.

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