Ethereal Legends is currently only available for Windows, PS4, and Xbox One platforms.

On the Win64 platform, Ethereal Legends requires the following dependencies to be installed. They are distributed with the Steam version of the game, and will be automatically installed if necessary.


Ethereal Legends runs on DX11 by default, and does not yet support DX12.

Numerous options exist for customizing your experience, including audio, video, gameplay, camera, controls options.  All of these options can be configured in game via the Options menu, and your preferences will be saved.

For the best experience, we recommend playing with V-Sync enabled (it is enabled by default).

Additionally, some users may experience stuttering or crashes while playing, and a fix for Nvidia GPUs is available. If the game stutters, hangs, or crashes and you run an Nvidia GPU, you may be able to alleviate the issue by opening the Nvidia Control Panel, selecting “Manage 3D settings”, and selecting the following options:

  • Multi-display/mixed-GPU acceleration:  Single display performance mode
  • Power Management Mode:  Prefer Maximum Performance


I have not yet had reports of this issue with AMD cards, and am currently unaware of a similar, necessary fix.

Unfortunately, Soverance Studios does not have the resources to test on very many different hardware configurations, so we’ll update this post as we obtain more player feedback.

If you experience a bug or crash and would like to report the issue, Soverance would greatly appreciate if you would include your log files and a DirectX diagnostic along with your submission.

Log files are stored in the following location:

  • ..\steamapps\common\Ethereal Legends\Ethereal\Saved\Logs

You can open the DirectX Diagnostic Tool by entering the following command on the command line:

  • dxdiag

Save the information and include the files as attachments in an email to