New Features in Ethereal Pre-Alpha version 0.3!

September 29, 2015
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With just 14 days remaining in our SE Collective campaign, we’re excited to release the beginning of a few new features in Ethereal Legends with this latest update, Pre-Alpha version 0.3! If you already have the game installed, you can update to the latest version through the launcher. If not, you can get the installer over at

Pre-Alpha 0.3 brings a number of bug fixes and feature additions, including:

  • Launcher is now available.
  • Updates to Unreal 4.9.1 and Oculus SDK 0.7
  • A master menu has been added.
  • Magic Bindings are now available.
  • A map is now available.
  • Changes were made to the battle menu UI.
  • Various stability improvements were made to the combat system.
  • Altar system has been added, but is not yet functional.



Bindings in Ethereal Legends are a way to equip magic spells on to the members of your party to be used in battle.

In order to bind a spell, the player must have obtained the corresponding magic orb from elsewhere in the game. New magic orbs can be found through solving puzzles in various areas, dropped as loot in battle, or can be purchased from NPCs.

Once obtained, an orb can be bound to a character through the master menu. In Version 0.3, characters can bind up to a maximum of three spells. No spell can be bound to the same character twice. Once a spell is bound to a character, that spell will automatically appear as an option in the battle menu for that character to cast.


A crude map has been added to the master menu, which allows a bird’s eye view of Absolut’s surroundings as he explores an area.

When the map is open, certain points of interest will present a debug outline inside the map, revealing their location. Use the map to your advantage while exploring, just to be sure you haven’t missed anything important!


We hope you enjoy the version 0.3 update of the Ethereal Legends Pre-Alpha! Don’t hesitate to let us know what you think of the game over on our subreddit, or follow us on Twitter @Soverance.

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