Project Ethereal – Unreal Engine 4 Elemental Demo

November 23, 2014
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I was really in the mood to get back into working with Unreal Engine 4, so I took some time over the weekend to build this out using their Elemental tech demo.  This was a ton of fun to put together, modding the demo like this to work with the Rift and give you a character to play with.  It uses the 360 gamepad, but the buttons only run animations.  Press “A” to jump and “Y” to detonate!  I was originally prototyping using the side-scroller template, and am still going to move the game back outside… but I wanted to see what the cutscene looked like first!!  That’s how I managed to get these screenshots and one of the videos.

The very next day, I fixed up a bit more in the demo! Added all new side-scroller gameplay outside the volcano, including prototype features for double-jumping, character swapping, and camera zooms.  I also went to the trouble of packaging the demo up for everyone to try!  I’d love to get some early feedback on it, as I turn the experience into a much more fun and interesting game!

Download the Ethereal 0.1 demo here:  Sorry, this download is no longer available.


Ethereal is exclusive to Windows OS

Supports the Xbox 360 gamepad ONLY

** Hit “Alt-Enter” to go fullscreen and enter stereo mode

  • Head Tracking –
  • Left Analog – Character Movement
  • Left Stick Down (L3) – Unused
  • Right Analog – Camera Zoom In/Out
  • Right Stick Down (R3) – Unused
  • Directional pad – Unused
  • A – Jump [press twice to double Jump]
  • X – Unused
  • B – Unused
  • Y – Detonate [anim only]
  • Left Trigger – Unused
  • Right Trigger – Unused
  • Left Shoulder – Cycle Character Left
  • Right Shoulder – Cycle Character Right
  • Start – Unused
  • Back – Unused


Ethereal utilizes DirectX 11 by default, and was built using Unreal Engine 4.1. Soverance recommends the following for the best experience:

  • Windows 7/8/8.1 [Macintosh is not supported at this time]
  • X-Box 360 controller
  • DX11 and SM5 compatible graphics card [minimum 2GB graphics memory]

Recommended Rift Display Mode Settings

  • – Direct HMD Access from Apps [NO]
  • – Extended Mode [YES]
  • – DK1 Legacy App Support [YES]

When running this demo, Soverance Studios recommends cloning your displays while using the Rift.


  • – Yes, you can fall off the left side indefinitely by hopping over the wall.
  • – Cannot “soft” quit the application.
  • – Yes, the lighting needs to be rebuilt.


A complete version history can be found on the Soverance Studios website.


Design and Programming
– Scott McCutchen

“Elemental” Demo
– Epic Games

Character Model
– 3dFoin


No longer available for download.

If you have any feedback, questions, or support needs, feel free to email me at Alternatively, you can make a new post in the studio’s subreddit, r/Soverance. That’s the fastest way for me to address things!

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  1. b November 23, 2014 2:14 am

    Lighting needs to be rebuilt.

  2. jakob November 23, 2014 3:49 am

    Nice work! I like it
    what fps do you get, and what is your rig?
    Where do you have the character from?

    • Scott McCutchen (Soverance) November 23, 2014 10:03 am

      Thanks, jakob!

      The fps is terrible, honestly, bad enough I didn’t really even try to debug it. I’m leaning towards believing it’s simply my computer that can barely handle this stuff anymore, as I dev on a really old machine.

      cpu: AMD Phenom II 3.4 GHz 4x core
      ram: 16GB DDR3
      gpu: Nvidia Geforce 550 Ti 1GB

      I took that video using fraps, during play mode with the UE4 editor open. So yeah, definitely not super smooth. It’d almost certainly run better on a more powerful machine.

      The character model I purchased via I’ve used their work for many of the bosses in Endless Reach, and it’s top notch, so I chose to use it here as well. They really put in the effort to make it easy to use their assets between both engines.

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