Endless Reach 2.0 is out and on Steam Greenlight!

July 7, 2014
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It’s been a few months in the making, but Endless Reach 2.0 is finally out on Android and Windows Phone! Head over to soverance.com/endless-reach/ to check it out!

Most exciting for us, we’ve also put the game up on Steam Greenlight as we begin work on the PC version. We could definitely use your votes, so be sure to show us some love on Greenlight! If you’d like to play the game before voting, the PC version is PAY WHAT YOU WANT on our website while we’re on Greenlight, so head over to soverance.com/endless-reach/ and download it now!

EDIT: Sorry, the Greenlight campaign was ended!

Getting this version out the door has been one of the most rewarding tasks we’ve ever put ourselves to. I’m really excited that we’ve received a lot of great feedback so far, and I can’t wait to see how else we can blow this game up.

While we originally built this game for mobile devices under the intention of submitting to the Microsoft Unity Game Developer Contest, our true passion has always been PC gaming, and we’re super excited to begin work on that version now that we’ve released and submitted to the contest. We’re looking to make it harder, better, faster, and simply put, a stronger game (yes I did just make a Daft Punk reference). We’d love to reinvent the game for virtual reality, and bring old school shmups to an entirely new realm. And we believe we can do just that!

And while this post is not really a postmortem (maybe I’ll write one of those in a few months), I did want to post this screenshot of our first day on Greenlight. We have no frame of reference for how these numbers compare to a larger, more polished title, but we were really excited to see so many people checking us out and voting for us! For a game that spent $0 on advertising or promotion before submitting to Greenlight, we felt this was pretty good. 9% in a single day!


We learned a few things about Greenlight today:

“No” votes don’t matter
While it’s a staggering statistic on the page, and may be a bit depressing to look at, in the end the “No” votes mean nothing at all. You must remember, that the question being answered is simply whether or not a person would BUY your game, not whether your game is good or worthy of being on Steam. Even the best games don’t get purchased by every gamer out there, so don’t stress over the “No” votes. Also, they do not count towards your ranking into the top 100, so again… don’t stress out over them.

Promote your Greenlight page inside the Steam Community!
This was a big one, I think. We’re lucky that Matt, our Art Director, spends a pretty fair amount of time in the Steam Community doing trades and talking to people. This meant that once we were ready for Greenlight, it became somewhat easy to get the word out through Community groups and his trading partners. The reason we went this route is that few people seem to vote if they’re outside of the Steam client, simply because Steam requests browser authentication when using a new location. If you’re like me, and you read a lot of your news on your phone or during work (when you’re away from your gaming rig), you won’t bother to authenticate the other browser so you can vote on some random Greenlight game. It’s a huge hassle to jump through to simply vote, so unless you’re already on your gaming machine and logged into the Steam client, this hurdle generally stops a lot of voters in their tracks. If you promote from inside the Steam Community, your chances are getting votes of any sort are much higher.

Greenlight is a queue
I’m told that every time Valve Greenlights a batch of games, all the games move up that many slots. So if Valve Greenlights 100 titles, every other game moves up 100 spaces. It makes solid sense, so it’ll be interesting to see how Endless Reach fares when that happens. Valve seems to be in the habit lately of Greenlighting about 75 titles at a time, generally twice a month, which is a pretty good turnover rate for developers.

You really don’t need very many votes to get Greenlit
The screen above of our first day shows an average Top 50 game has around 11,000 “Yes” votes. While that sounds like a lot, it’s really like NOTHING when you consider the size of Steam’s user base. Looking at our numbers, we managed to get 5% of that on Day 1. I’m sure a lot of that has to do with us being on the “Recent Submissions” tab, and will undoubtedly trickle down to zero once we’re removed from that page… but it is not an insurmountable number of votes.

Either way, we’re really excited to be moving our development of Endless Reach in this direction. We can’t wait to show you what we have in store! So check us out on Greenlight and give us a vote!

EDIT: Just hit 10% of the way to Top 100 as I’m posting this… incredible! Thanks, everyone, for all the support!

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