Endless Reach

December 9, 2013
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I am very excited to announce Endless Reach, a 2.5D space shooter built with Unity 4.

EDIT: Sorry, this demo is no longer available!


Endless Reach puts the player in control of a powerful starfighter, charged to defend the Reach against the invading Etherium fleet. In this demo version, your goal is to destroy enough of the enemy fighters in order to lure out and destroy the enemy cruiser.

This is a project built for one of my programming courses at the Art Institute. It’s technically a project I’ve built before, having originally prototyped this game in Flash (which I released on Kongregate). I had also developed an updated version for Android phones which I never released, though you can still download the apk. So with a new engine comes a new name and a whole new game, as thus the Endless Reach is discovered.

I must give a huge thanks to my buddy Matt Peavy for lending me original music for Endless Reach.


It was built in Unity 4, using Visual Studio 2012. I employ Pixelplacement’s iTween, as well as a BulletManager plugin from an unspecified user on the Unity forum. Most art assets were picked up from the Asset Store, though I did much in the way of texture editing and material building. I also used software called Spacescape to create the skybox textures, which is a relatively powerful tool for the task.

It’s still got a number of bugs that need to be worked out, but the main loop is there. I’d really like to do more with the UI, and I’d also like to revisit the pathing and camera AI and do something more interesting there. I do think with the physics mechanics I’ve built that I’ll be able to port this to Oculus Rift, where you pilot the ship from a different angle. So that’s something I may try, if I can get another free trial of Unity Pro…


I hope you enjoy Endless Reach, and please let me know what you think in the comments below!

EDIT: Sorry, this demo is no longer available!

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