Ethereal Beta Version Update 0.9.8

February 11, 2017
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Things are moving fast over here!  The biggest part of this update is that I’ve officially moved the game over to the final Steamworks release branch.  Version 0.9.8 will be the final update for Steam Beta testers, and the Ethereal Beta test is now officially closed.  I greatly appreciate all of the input and feedback I received – your efforts were truly helpful!

This one is all polish and bug fixes, so I’ll just get straight to the notes in order to save time:

Version 0.9.8 Update Notes

  • Moved to the Steamworks release branch.
    • “Ethereal Legends Demo” will be deprecated going forward and will not be updated past Version 1.0.  Beta Testers can simply enter a legitimate key for Ethereal Legends to upgrade to the full release branch.  If you are a current Beta Tester and have not already received a Steam key for the release branch, please contact me at using the same address you registered for the Beta, and I’ll be sure to get you one free of charge.
  • Added Steam Cloud functionality.
    • Beta Testers will be able to keep whatever progress they have made when upgrading to the Release branch; Steam will automatically sync files where necessary.
  • Updated a number of armor pieces with new additional effects.
  • Two Handed weapon attacks now have cam shakes and force feedback, whether you hit an enemy or not.
  • Both Ranged and Two Handed weapons now feature new camera effects during their attack’s “charge” phase.
  • The items dropped by certain enemies have been changed.
  • Updated the additional effect text on some armor pieces to be more descriptive.
  • Added additional environmental effects to Boreal Core.
  • Reduced the damage over time effect of Poison and Burn by half, and increased their durations by 50%.
  • Added Confuse status effect, which will invert the player’s movement while active.
  • Added Silence status effect, which will prevent the player from casting magic spells.
  • Added the Echo Herb consumable item, which can remove the effects of Silence.
  • Disabled trueSKY god rays, as they were the cause of the black seam in Arcadia’s sky, as well as much flickering.
    • Simul is aware of this issue, and will hopefully have a fix soon!
  • Fixed a bug where diff values would always show zero if there was no item currently bound to a slot.
  • Fixed a bug where the Gaia Titan boss would get up too slowly when first aggroed.
  • Fixed a bug where the Death Cap boss enemy would begin attacking too quickly.
  • Fixed a bug where the Lava Knight could be locked into his hit animation by landing too many successive attacks.
  • Fixed a bug where incorrect diff values were displayed if there was no item bound to compare to.
  • Fixed a bug where players could prevent further progress if they somehow managed to defeat the Skeleton King without first speaking to the Gatekeeper and initiating the tutorial.

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