Ethereal Legends – 70% on Steam Greenlight!

August 16, 2015
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In case you hadn’t heard, Ethereal Legends Pre-Alpha is now out and available on Steam Greenlight for voting! We’re now into our third day of the campaign, and we’ve hit an overwhelming 70% already! Jacob and I are blown away by your support, and we can’t thank you enough for voting.

greenlight-buttonWe can’t wait to show you the future of Ethereal Legends, and to bring you the best game possible. We’re definitely excited about this project, and we think that if you were a fan of PS1-era Final Fantasy games, you’re really going to like what we’ve got in store for you. We hope to show you more very soon, with new areas and features included in the game!

stats-day3This Greenlight campaign has been a real rollercoaster compared to our campaign last year with Endless Reach, which had so many more views and votes, but was extremely unsuccessful. So unsuccessful, that I actually ended the campaign 100 days later, after achieving only 20% after 9,300 unique visitors saw the page. Ethereal Legends has blown that statistic out of the water, hitting 25% within 15 hours of being up and then today, hitting 70% of the way after maybe 55 hours or so. That’s simply amazing.

It says to me that you guys REALLY want a good active turn-based RPG. I agree, there really hasn’t been a great one in a long time; so many games these days have gone the “action RPG” route, leaving little for turn-based fans to play. We hope to satisfy the demand, and maybe even herald a new age of these types of games through VR support.

That’s something we haven’t talked about much yet, is VR support for Ethereal Legends. Savvy users might have noticed that the Pre-Alpha demo actually released with Oculus support – however, it’s terrible, and we don’t recommend trying to play the game that way yet. None of our menu systems have been designed to support VR yet, and so while it might work technically, it’s far from user-friendly. At the very least, that’s the first hurdle for a game like this to supporting virtual reality devices – a good menu interface. There’s a bunch of other VR design challenges compared to a traditional screen, especially for this type of game, and with time we’re looking to tackle as many as we need to provide an excellent, immersive

But before we really get into any of that, we’ll be adding new areas, monsters, and story content as we build out the rest of the game. In addition, expect us to be doing A LOT of bug fixing and polishing of the battle system and exploration features. We’re aiming for between 10 and 15 hours worth of gameplay content, and we’ve got some really awesome puzzle ideas that I think many of you will enjoy.

Thanks again for all of your support and feedback, it means a lot to Jacob and I! At least we know we’re sort of on the right track.


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