Game Guide


Welcome to the Ethereal Legends Game Guide!

Inside the following pages you’ll find the information you’ll want to know to make your experience playing Ethereal Legends as good as it can be. Use the sidebar to navigate through the various topics; peruse update notes in the Version History, learn more about the game’s controls and the options at your disposal, check out the game’s source code, or get involved in the community around Ethereal.

Ethereal Legends is a game built by passion. It was brought into existence through sheer force of will and unrelenting persistence. Ethereal is the result of countless hours of tackling obstacles head on; a philosophy we use to guide all our actions.

In no other world than the one we live in today could this game have existed. With Unreal 4, we’ve been able to stand on the shoulders of giants, and they’ve allowed us to deliver our vision to you, unencumbered.

I finally believe it: “The only limits are your own imagination…”

I hope you’ll enjoy playing Ethereal Legends as much as I enjoyed making it.

~ Scott McCutchen – Ethereal Designer