DevOps Consulting Services

Soverance Studios operates as a boutique DevOps consulting firm for select clients.  As a member of the Microsoft Partner Network, Soverance Studios is proud to offer high-quality DevOps consulting to improve the efficiency of your business.  Our skills include custom application development, process automation, systems integration, service migration, network architecture, virtual infrastructure, disaster recovery, and much more.

Soverance Studios offers the following services:

  • Microsoft On-Prem / Azure / Office 365 business solutions consulting
    • What Microsoft solutions can help your business succeed?
  • Process automation with PowerShell
    • What can we do to make your business workflow processes as efficient as possible?
  • Custom .NET application development
    • Does your company need something that doesn’t exist “off the shelf”?
  • Network architecture consulting
    • Is your company’s network infrastructure robust, redundant, and secure?
  • Unreal Engine design consulting
    • Real-time 3D applications have more uses than simply games – though we can help you design a game, too!
  • Custom Unreal Engine application development
    • Looking to build something in real-time 3D?
  • Disaster Recovery consulting
    • What can we do to mitigate or eliminate data loss for your company during a disaster event?
  • Project Management consulting
    • What methodologies can we design or implement to help your business ship projects more quickly?

Soverance Studios charges consulting and development fees at a variable rate, based on the project’s scope, term, and complexity.  Initial consultations (via email) and price quotes are free.  To obtain an initial consultation or to price quote a specific project, please contact

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