Scott McCutchen

Scott McCutchen

My name is Scott McCutchen, and I'm a motorcycle rider and tech enthusiast who can do a lot of fancy things with computers. I'm passionate about technology, and have always been good at figuring out how systems work. I love to build engines as much as I love to build applications, and one day I'd love to bring the two together! In my spare time, I enjoy camping, live music, and canyon-carving on my motorcycle.

Professional Life:

I have spent nearly twenty years cultivating the skills necessary to be a master of small business devops in Microsoft environments. Much of my professional career has been spent building startups and helping small businesses succeed through Microsoft technology. I started my first business in 2002 - a skatepark built inside an old marble factory - and I've been building companies ever since.

Today I am a consultant for Microsoft technologies, and I can help your company design and deploy a hybrid cloud computer network optimized for small business. With my experience as a Microsoft Silver Partner for the Azure Cloud Platform, together we'll build world-class cloud-first solutions that integrate with your existing on-prem infrastructure. Check out all of my available services. I am passionate about computer programming, and I love using my skills to help businesses solve problems through process automation and custom applications.

As a fun way to keep my skills on the cutting edge, I use Unreal Engine technology to bring my ideas to life as innovative gaming experiences for platforms such as Steam, PlayStation, XBox, and Oculus VR. My first major game, an action RPG titled Ethereal Legends, was released on Steam in 2017. I am actively working on my next title, so stay tuned for more information on that in the near future!

Thanks for taking the time to check out my work!

Fun Facts About Me
  • The first time I flew in an airplane, I jumped out of it! (Skydiving)
  • I was a high-ranking HNM hunter in the game Final Fantasy XI for many years.
  • I once owned a nitrous-powered Honda Prelude.
  • My favorite TV show is The Venture Bros.
Unreal Engine 4
Microsoft Azure
Windows Server
Active Directory / Group Policy
PowerShell Automation
C++ / C# Application Development
Office 365 / GSuite
Network and Infrastructure Design
Security, VPN, and Certificates
Unreal Engine 4
Game Design
Gameplay Programming
Systems Design
Level Design
UI / UX Design
A.I. Pathfinding and Collision
Effects, Particles, and Materials
Sound Design
3D Modeling, Rigging, and Animation